Belial what’s he all about?

What does he teach? What can he offer?
What’s your experiences with belial? Etc

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Belial is one of the 9 Demonic Kings. He particularly specializes in influence of those who have authority over you or a situation you are in. He helps in gaining prominence in those circles or in persuading or dissuading actions that can help or harm you.

I evoked Belial to rescue me from being fired for something I was clearly caught doing in my profession that was grounds for my termination. It worked absurdly well even noticeable to co workers unaware of my ritual. To them it was an unexplained miracle that the matter was suddenly dropped.
Hail King Belial!


What powers can belial grant?

The powers of King Belial:

  • To aid your rise through the ranks of an organisation, over months or years.

  • To obtain political power.

  • To create awe in friends and enemies as they sense your power and dignity.

In my personal experience with the great King, Belial brings his immense power to destroy any obstacles which stand in the way of fulfilling your will and desire.

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Belial is both considered a goetia and a demon in a higher ranking than the goetia, just as Asmodeus. They belong to a council of 7 demons with the exception of Asmodeus being a Djinn, along with Lilith the younger who is also part of that 7.

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King Belial is a very powerful King. He likes and promotes autonomy, independence and self mastery.

He has a seriously large range in what he can do, much more than I could write here.

I owe Belial so much. He is the Demon I can hear most clearly and he visits me in dreams with messages and assistance when I really need it.

I was in a bad situation this time last year and he wiped the floor with my opposition ,literally ripped then apart in this instance.

He also helps with getting you motivated and I like his sense of humour.


I’ve been seeing Belial’s name pretty much every day recently. I haven’t worked with him but maybe he’s calling out to me

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He is amazing

Does he help with jobs?

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I would say he dose but i also work with more then one and ask them all to help me generally but what i do read about him is thats kinda his role but more dor like legal reasons. I build relationships with all the ones i do work with and if and when you do that they will help you with whatever you really need.

Thats my experience woth working with thee Elders i call them Elders cuz thats what they really are LHP or RHP or even drom all over different Pantheons then you also have your Ancestors you can call on too.

King of Bastards - Will turn into a hymn in time.

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