Belial, the real deal king of Hell

I enjoy reading about everyone’s experiences with King Belial. I figured I have some things to share with the community that you might find helpful.

I shall begin with the first time I contacted him. My ritual chamber is quite far away, located in the woods. I set up the circle and the triangle. I truly recommend that you use these items when evoking these higher entities… anybody who says, “oh, well, they don’t like being controlled within a small space, it makes them angry, blah, blah, blah”… I don’t care… why would you even want to risk the dire consequences of evoking these entities without the proper protection. Might just be me, but I very much enjoy my life and sanity.

Anyways, I followed the ritual described in the Ars Goetia. At about 6PM on the full moon, I contacted King Belial. At first, I had to recite the inviting chant about three-four times. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of this whole thing at first and it was a tad bit hard to concentrate. Eventually I willed myself to fully concentrate on his sigil and the chant, and the next thing I knew I could feel an immense masculine energy. It was not overpowering like I have read elsewhere. There was, however, a very big authoritative vibe. I was still in disbelief, however, and asked him to show me a sign that he was here. The next thing I knew I heard very apparent walking on the roof of the chamber. It was not some birds or a raccoon, but rather very heavy footsteps back and forth on the roof.

Okay, cool. I fell intro a trance at this point, and we began speaking to each other. His voice was extremely masculine and powerful. One I shall never forget. He absolutely despises mortals and especially hates people that waste his time. He was not amused by my small talk, and I was not making jokes or any such thing but he was rather pushy and very to the point. I enjoyed that aspect of him. About midway through our conversation he began to show himself in the form of a mist. King Belial is HUGE. I mean this entity is so tall and strong. He manifested as an angel with very black hair and a black face. I am 100% sure that without the proper protection he would have destroyed me right then and there.

I set up my pact with him and he agreed to help me get started. Of course, he required a sacrifice of me. When I asked him what he wanted he explained that he wanted five separate lacerations to draw blood for him. I agreed. I thanked him and gave him praise, and then politely dismissed him. I waited until his energy was completely gone and then began to thank the God and Goddess for allowing me to speak to him. Then I stepped out of the circle.

As I was leaving the chamber, I felt amazing. I truly felt unstoppable and more confident than I have ever felt in my life. It was a feeling that I still crave to this day. The next day, I held up my end and made the lacerations for him. I poured the blood onto his sigil and meditated on it.

Now, over the course of a month and a half, Belial has revealed to me and assisted me with quite a few things.

First, I used to be completely obsessed with checking on my ex-girlfriends social media. I must have checked it at least 50 times a day, always obsessing over her… Belial wasn’t having that anymore. He became extremely irritated at this and told me that I need to control my will… and I did. I no longer look at her social media, I no longer cave in to the cravings to contact her, etc. I seriously cannot even believe it myself.

Next, he was very sick of me wasting my sexual energy on pornography… once again, through his assistance and teachings I am no longer addicted to porn. I despise it now.

The third thing he assisted me with is controlling my emotions. I used to be very depressed, anxious, and just downright pathetic. I would cry every night and wonder why nobody liked me. I would think about suicide and feel so sorry for myself. I still remember the first time I cried after making my pact Belial was furious. He made fun of me and asked me how I wanted to be so strong and yet cry over the silliest things. He explained to me that the strongest people are alone and the sooner I learned this the sooner I would be able to control my emotions. Fast forward a month and a half later and I no longer feel this way. I no longer cry. Ever. I can willfully push those bouts of emotion into oblivion. It truly feels amazing… I am so thankful for the things he has taught me about myself.

Now a couple of days ago, he contacted me without warning. He said that his end of the deal was fulfilled and that things would be changing very shortly for me in regards to my career and other aspects of my life regarding social situations. He explained that he no longer needed to assist me and that he was proud of what I accomplished. He did explain, however, that I may contact him if needed but only for important reasons. I said thank you and he left swiftly.

I would recommend working with Belial to anybody looking to conquer their fears, doubts, and insecurities about themselves. I was a weak individual before. I was always concerned with what people thought of me and I was stuck living in the past. Belial helped me break these walls and planted the seeds for me to live a full life. I couldn’t be happier.

My next goal is to either work with Bune or Zagan. I have heard amazing things about both of these entities and it is going to be a hard decision for me to make.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story, and I am willing to answer any questions you may have. Have a safe rest of your day :slight_smile:


Thank you for the post. I am actually a strong woman that has been and is still going through alot of crap in my life. I have tried to contact king Beliel several times about helping me.our of this mucky shirt I am right now.lots of legal no money no home lots of shit just need to see that he is on my side


I must say that in my opinion he is not one to help with financial situations, although I must say again this is my opinion and differs from others. He will, however, show you your insecurities and help you conquer everything that is limiting you. BUT… you say you “just need to know he is working”. You are going about it all wrong. I am not trying to be mean. There is no THINKING involved, you must KNOW and FEEL that he is helping you. He does not tolerate disbelief as this relates to wasting his time. I hope this helps you. YOU GOT THIS! Feel him…


Thank you so much I know he doesnt do money I am more.on legal and mind control and breaking past chains on stubborn people that I’m working with Duchess Bune on and I dont doubt just human nature though at times when you dont see tangible signs to wonder. Unfortunately that is in all human nature I know all my entities are working with me and I just as I see results will be fulfilling all that I have told them I will such as public acknowledgment and I always give blood.on their sigils when I ask for.any help. Thank you for the response it is appreciated

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I am by no means an expert, but you must wait until you are finished working with Bune. Belial is very selfish and will leave immediately if there is another entity involved. This is my experience, however. I am wishing you the best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks that is good to know. However I have found that in a layered spell king Beliel sometimes is willing work with others especially for mind manipulation maybe I am wrong there me something ro.think about. Cuz when working with bune.i felt like he.told me to work.with her on that and then he would handle the legal maybe it was just my mind tricking me

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I do appreciate your point of view.on this hell I am.hoping in an short timemim going to.have a thread on here thanking so many of these beautiful entities for all that they have done for me and helped me with. Glad to see when they do get public acknowledgment

King Belial is definitely a very strait to the point type of person. He has helped me out tremendously by kicking my butt into gear and get me out of the depressed state I was and is continuing to show me more and more of my true potential that I have. :3 Hes also good at protection in my experience at least. He helped protect me from some stuff in the past.


Oh, get out… He’s good at protection? Can you explain more? I quite honestly didn’t even know this despite doing massive amounts of research on him beforehand.

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I am sorry for the late reply. But yes he is good with protection but with it expect to also learn.

I have noticed not to many say about this about him. I’m not sure if it’s one of his hidden qualities or if he simply chooses who he feels to do this. I was told that he was to aid me in protection and yes he’s very good at it. He can help set up wards and even help you in your growth in this way. This is something I’m constantly am refining and growing in.