Belial taught me how to soul travel within seconds

As some of you may know, my relationship with Belial…wasn’t the best, to put it very mildly. And, what’s more, I always wanted to be good at soul traveling / astral projection, but the whole idea of entering REM phase repelled me. I understand that REM phase is good to have an ultra vivid experience because your conscious minds shuts down, but I wanted to find an alternative.

Online searches lead me nowhere. My impatience lead me to reach out to Belial, as I’ve read on BALG mainsite that he teaches astral travel. Now, at first I wanted to reach out to Asmodeus, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to also do some working with Belial and approach him this time without prejudices of the past.

So, here’s my experience. Bear in mind none of these are quotes verbatim (except the last sentence). I’ve not written down the dialogue, and I’m trying to recall our words as best as I can.

Me: “Belial, is it possible to soul travel without REM phase?”

Belial: “Yes. Relax as you behold my sigil. Imagine a hook leaving your body and entering my sigil. Breathe. Once the hook is firmly attached, exhale. Allow yourself to be pulled by the hook.”

I’ve done as he asked, and sure enough, I entered some strange, happy, verdant area. Not what I expected from Belial. But there it was. The place looked so happy and peaceful. Most importantly, the place was alive. Things were happening without me actively trying to imagine or visualize something. And there was Belial, floating above me, staring at me expectantly.

Me: “It’s not as vivid as I had hoped…”

Belial: “Of course not. You need to sink deeper within yourself in order to fully immerse yourself.”

Me: “What do you mean sink deeper within myself?”

Belial laughed. “Do you truly think you’re currently outside of your body? No. You can access any place in existence by sinking deeper inside of yourself. For every place in existence exists inside as well as outside of your being.”

Me: “What is this place anyway?”

Belial: “Consider it your training grounds”

Me: "How do I know this isn’t me just visualizing this area, that I’m merely fantasizing?

Belial: “Go ahead, try to alter this place as you please.”

I tried to visualize the area different, and nothing happened. I couldn’t change it. It just remained as it was, birds continued to fly, water continued to splash, Belial still floated. I tried to change a tree near me into a rabbit, it didn’t work. I tried to focus more, and all it did was pull me away from the place, with that rabbit in front of me, while the place remained the same, just more in the background, kinda? I can’t really describe it. It’s like you placed a photo in front of a photo, while clearly seeing both of them and their edges. I can’t describe it well, sorry.

Eventually I was completely pulled out of it. So I had do the thing again, and come to the same place.

Me: “Am I allowed to reveal this method to other people?”

Belial: “Yes.”

Me: “They’ll probably think it’s just imagination, though…”

Belial: “Imagination is the key to godhood. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Me: “You’re right. Thank you for teaching me this great method. And, I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve said and done to you in the past. I was a real dick back then.”

Belial: “You’ll always be a dick.”


(That last sentence Belial said to me was exactly as he said it. I laughed after the whole thing, so I couldn’t forget it).

So yeah, feel free to try this! Apparently, this isn’t too radically different from EA’s method, but this works a lot better for me than his method. I can’t do soul travel with Koetting’s method. It just doesn’t sit well for me.

Things to expect with this method, though:

It’s not too vivid, you’ll be able to see and feel stuff. But it’s not as vivid as your waking experience. You’ll have to slip into a deeper trance in order to have a more vivid experience, as Belial explained above.

Let me know how this works out for you.

Oh, and I think from now on, I’ll be interacting with Belial more. I’ll have to approach him without prejudices, though. If I think he’s gonna make me aggressive, then that’s what I’ll get.

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I’ll have to try this. I never would have thought about jumping through a sigil.

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Me neither! I think I’ll be doing this more often. Well, I’ll only jump through sigils of the demons I know and trust.


Try jumping into a Enochian tablet


There’s currently only two I would try this with. I’m not comfortable with just dropping in on anyone I’m not close or at the very least familiar with. I doubt I’d get a hostile reaction, but it does seem rude.

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Same. It’s like barging into someone’s home lol. Besides, who knows what’s on the other side. I imagine if I were to enter Atazoth’s sigil, I’d be greeted with madness.

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My first thought was King Paimon making a face at me. Not going to lie, more proper spirits are quite intimidating to me.


I like the hook visualization. Belial told me the sigil was like a door. I would imagine myself going through it. Eventually i was able to just think his name or his form and he appears in a imaginary place. But i didnt actually realize it was soul travel. I thought that was leaving your body.


You know, when I tried to get a feel for him all I saw was him shaking his head at me like you do when someone is a disappointment but you think it’s silly to a degree.



He seems awesome, but maybe a bit too business like for me to gel with. I enjoy
building bonds and a friendship before business. I could be completely wrong, but I’m not sure he’d be open to something like that.

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That’s interesting. I’ve always referred to sigil as doorways for communication but I never thought about trying to go through one : / ?


@Narsonix, yeah King Paimon is ULTRA formal. I can appreciate it, but not the sort of spirit I’d want to get really close to. He’s even more formal than Lucifuge.

@Sophia444 , aha, seems you’ve confirmed my gnosis on the matter. Well, to be fair, soul travel is just a label. I doubt they themselves would personally agree with the name, but since it’s popular, not much can be done about it.


Thanks for sharing @Ashtoreth. I like how deep you can get with this just envisioning the sigil and deepening the experience while still awake… It usually takes me a sec to get relaxed and blah blah… not with this technique, it’s cuts through it… it helps since it also has the added benefit from the belief that Belial is helping… which he is… but I haven’t worked with him yet… this just might get me started to try reaching out to him lol. I’m impressed with it’s effectiveness.


I know, right? It’s amazing what you can do with just a single sigil on a piece of paper. And your mind, of course.

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For me the sigil becomes the “door” I go through. Most of the time I go to some place that we can speak. But I think its important to note that a small percentage of the time the being physically manifests or effects something physical. I haven’t figured out if there are any conditions that make it different.

For example King Paimon I will imagine his sigil in my mind and it opening like a door. But I have never seen him in any kind of scene or take any kind of form only heard his voice. But he caused the computer servers of my work to shut down nationwide to prove his power to me.

Or I usually go see Azazel in a desert at the base of a mountain but one time he physically manifested at work and the blinds shook and the lights flickered.


This makes a lot of sense considering his mythological background. Ah, it’s always cool to see them influence the environment around you. Another blow to the “it’s all in your head” school of thought.


“You’ll always be a dick”
That’s hilarious!


This cracked me up. Lol


WHEN You cannot interact with the environment - it is ASTRAL (not Soul Travel)


Can u upload a pic of the sigil please?