Belial sigil

Ok so I was laying in bed after waking up in the morning and I asked King Belail to help me with a situation. Later on that day I drew his sigil and layered it with my blood. I’m not sure that I have activated it, I stared at it but no flashing. So now I want to burn the sigil, would this make King Belail pissed at me? Is this a good idea, I just had a feeling I need to burn it for some reason.

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Don’t worry, you can charge a sigil just by using your blood alone (and imagining it glowing with blue energy, or the energy of a colour related to that entity).
But that does not mean that you should not train yourself to do it purely energically (if you want to develop your psychic senses).

Burning a sigil does not offend or banish an entity (unless that is your intent), and the entity won’t be pissed of about it… By burning a sigil you actually release it’s energy into the ether and to the entity who’s sigil it is (and, in a sense, you actually empower the sigil it-self too). So don’t hesitate if your instinct tells you to do it…

And remember, you should always follow your instinct during a ritual!