Belial sigil majick from WoD

So I did the Belial Sigil ritual from WoD where you ask him to surround you with his familiars.As I made the request I felt a presence of atleast 3 demons flying in a circle around me.When I call Belial’s name I feel their presence.But where do I go from here? What can I use them for?

Evoke them. This is a great time to get to know the familiars Belial surrounds you with, what they can do, what they can teach you, and why Belial assigned those three particular spirits to you.

Chances are that he assigned those three to teach you specific things.

That’s a great idea,but I can’t evoke.I asked for them to fill me with power and to whisper guidance into my ear.When I said this I heard the sound of a pair of hands clapping twice.I guess this was them trying to get my attention,but I have no other way of communicating with them

You felt the spirits, sounds like you did an evocation to me.

The next step is getting them more material, more solid, and directing your psychic energy at specific tasks for them.

Here’s a simple evocation I started with, either from Evoking Eternity or WoD…I honestly don’t recall at this second, perhaps I amalgamated them both:

Sit down on the floor, meditate using the invoking omnipotence exercise by drawing light into yourself, it’s very similar to the 3rd eye technique, if you’re not familiar with it, here it is:

At this point it should be a relatively simple exercise to get yourself into theta-gamma. So, while you’re glowing in the ecstacy of the light/glory of your higher self, reach out your right hand and draw a circle of seering blue light around yourself on the floor. This will be ‘your space’ for the ritual. Next reach out your right hand and trace a circle of light on the wall closest to you(I like to use a doorway for good psychic effect).

Now, gaze back at the sigal in the T/G state, and call the spirit or legions forth(spirits, come!) a few times until you ‘feel’ them.

Lift your head, gaze at portal you’ve created in the doorway, imagining and ‘stucturing the spirit’ coming through it while in T/G.

Once you see it forming, or at the least sense it if you can’t see it, give your commands to the spirit, or ask them for the information you desire.

One time Gnosis freebee, just for you.


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Thanks Gnosis! I will for sure try this tomorrow night.