Belial sexual energy

Yesterday I read a post about sleeping with sigils from @Bloodwarrior
His experience after sleep with a sigil was hearing sounds and comunncating telepathically
With the spirit.
Now my astral senses aren’t fully activated, but I’m planning to summon belial on the up coming lunar eclipse for some business.
I wanted to see if there might be possibilitie that I can make telepathic contact with him So I drew his sigil, placed it under my pillow and fall asleep nothing happened as far as I remember, but when I woke up I started to feel
some intance sexual energy and thoughts flowing through me
So intance I forced my self to get out of my bed.
Is that a entity that came through the gate or is it belial? should I be worried?
Edit: I still feel this energy when I carry his sigil


:sweat_smile: sounds like Belial to me!


Yeah I would say that’s Belial, look out for other signs in your life too. I am currently in a 27 day pact with him using mostly sexual energy as well


Belial can be very sexual and is known for being flirty if he enjoys someone. He specializes in influence, manipulation etc, and with me at least is relatively easy to form a telepathic link. Now, here’s the kicker… He is exceptionally responsive, though it’s in whatever way he chooses to be. You may get a sign or undeniable synchronicity, odd urges or an out of character thought. I’ve had everything from him causing phantom tastes and smells, to zoning out and ending up somewhere standing in front of something that answered a question I asked him.

His favorite for me is implanting thoughts in my head gently so I cannot tell them from my own. These act as bread crumbs and always lead me to something I need or asked for. I’ve had blatant and almost a hacked feeling from him before, but that’s only because he wanted me to know exactly who did it. Belial is really good at subtle manipulation, but if he wants attention he’s impossible to ignore.


Yes working with him and many other Demons awakens a lot of Sexual energy.


That’s crazy
Just today I had weird taste in my mouth that I can’t think of something similar to describe and kept zoning out…I was starting at wall for 5min straight.


Never experienced it with king paimon though?

I haven’t yet worked with any demons other then king paimon
belial will be next.


I did on one occasion :thinking:

Lilith triggers it big time for me and I have the feeling that when I invoke Samael it’s gonna be more intense.


I didn’t exactly get sexual vibes when I woke up today. But my dream was intriguing.

I was a kind of vigilante whom fought against a band of outlaws whom employed people to work for them in an office complex. Sounds Belialisk to me.


:rofl: I always thought it’s just me and my kinky brain… it’s really confusing my hormones…


The one thing about this energy though is that it’s powerful. Sometimes it really makes me think​:joy::joy::joy:


Oh yes, sleeping on sigils has particular responses during your sleep. I experienced it on 2 occasions with Lucifer’s Sigil. I am a beginner and I got a response on the first try.


I honestly didn’t know your able to do that. :thinking: Well what I mean is Iv read they are literal gateways and how we should not just have them open and just laying out. Then again I have a few that I made that is posted above my altar as gifts per-say to those that they belonged to and to help with getting their energy signatures and types into the space. I am thinking of doing this possibly tonight. I just started to work with him a few days ago so this is going to be interesting to see what will happen.