Belial request

So… i didn’t evoke Belial yet, but been interested more and more lately to work with him.
Couple days ago i was looking at his sigil before taking a nap after work and i asked him for something in my mind.

Weird or not, he delivered what i asked for shortly after i fell asleep (in my dream)
I didn’t see him, but i heard him saying that i should offer him some semen.

What’s all about?

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Any similar experiences?

It has energy in it, etc. This is one of the most important things to know before conjuring him:

Upon summoning, he must be offered sacrifices and gifts or else he will not obey the conjuror.



That is what it says in the Ars Goetia, but experience shows that is not the case. I have evoked him many times without either offerings or sacrifices.


That is only your experience. There are plenty of people that do a conjuration and never experience occult anything. I think the reason you are of that opinion is that you are in the Dark as to the reason of this all perhaps. If things were that easy, then everyone would be experiencing occult phenomena at the snap of the fingers.

Sure, okay. Whatever you say. You obviously hold “The Truth” :roll_eyes:

I’m not the only one on this forum who has worked with Belial without the traditional trappings, but you are free to believe what you will.


Yes indeed. This is a factual “common truth” and a very basic rule in magick. The fact that you think you can get something for “Free” baffles me and makes me wonder why you haven’t yet asked the question of “So who is paying the energy debt to summon Belial?”

I agree with DarkestKnight, I’ve evoked Belial and he has helped me without any offerings or sacrifices. Infact, I find that just calling out his name or having his Sigil has been enough to call upon him. treat him and yourself with respect and he’ll respect you back.

My experience has been that the rituals we adopt and the expectations about entities are something we adopt to make us feel like we just performed something supernatural. It’s a show we put on for our own conscious minds.


No, it’s not “factual” in any way. It is simply your opinion on how things supposedly work. That does not make it true or factual, considering it does not stand up to the experience of myself or others.

It is not “free.” In order to summon spirits, I have to tap into the Divine spark that is part of every human being. I don’t command by an outside authority such as “God,” but through my own name so there is no “energy debt.”


and so you have admitted that you are tapping into someone elses energy to use to conjure Belial. There you have it folks. DarkestKnight is stealing other peoples life force in order to conjure Belial as a form of sacrifice. Bravo! wants to commit the act, but doesn’t want to own up to it.

What the fuck are you talking about? :roll_eyes:

It is quite obvious from my statement that I am speaking about tapping into the Divine spark within myself, not other people. The last time I checked, I am included in the words “every human being.”

You obviously don’t have a clue about it. I would have no problem “owning up to it” if that was the way I worked, but it is not.


Oh well… this escalated pretty quickly :rofl:
So… nothing weird about Belial’s request.

No, you’re fine.

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Great, thanks for replying.

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That is why I put off working with Belial for so long, even though I knew he wanted to work with me, and I could feel his energy. I read some really harrowing second and third hand accounts about working with him, and I really did not want it to go badly. It seemed, however, that one thing all the worst accounts had in common is more than one person doing the Belial working.

Just curious what did you read so harrowing about?

I don’t think you HAVE to offer him something, I did not offer him anything the first couple times that I reached out to him. He may have let it slide because I honestly wasn’t aware that I had to offer him something. Other times, I have reached out and not offered anything and simply apologized for not having anything to give, but I do give him offerings when I have them for him, or I will save things for him and give them to him later. Offering semen and blood creates a link between you and them for the rest of your life and he will always be with you, if I understand correctly so be aware of that should you choose to do it. King Belial supposedly will bring to your knees before helping you become the best you can be. Fortunately, this has not been the case for me (fingers crossed) and it may not be for you either. If you really feel like he is the demon you would like to work with, I’d say go for it. Just be straight up with him, if you think you cannot handle your life turning disastrous then tell him but don’t lie just to “get it easy.”


Belial likes persistence, commitment to your goals, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. He also enjoys gratitude and sacrifice. Everyone enjoys a thank you, or having your work appreciated. The sacrifice is mostly about discomfort. This is because change is NEVER comfortable. You will fight, and you will try to fall back into old patterns that don’t work for you anymore.

You will refuse to take that job you would adore because it’s a risk. You will keep those toxic friends because you are lonely or have some lingering feelings of guilt, obligations, or that you simply can’t find better. As much as stagnation sucks, there’s also a sense of comfort in it. Belial absolutely requires energy of some sort to connect with. Yes, the more you can raise and direct in that direction the more intense of an experience you usually get. You can use energy you pull from the earth, or from eating a pound of chocolate, w/e works for you.

I cook for him when I have extra food. I bring back things that make me think of him. Vulnerability for me is hard, letting myself really open up to him has been a struggle. He’s been his version of gentle with me, and I appreciate it. However I’m not allowed to be blind to things. Whether or not I deal with them is my choice, but he doesn’t let me deny there’s a problem or a threat.


Wow, that’s some intense stuff right here :slight_smile:
My life been quite disastrous for the last couple of months and i don’t think i could handle getting worse than it is already.
Yes, i feel like i should work with him, but these things that were mentioned here makes me have some second thoughts.
I feel a connection with him and his name pops up in my head randomly throughout the day, especially when going to sleep.
Now i didn’t work with him really, so i don’t understand why he would ask for semen if thats something that will create a permanent link between us? What would be the reason for that?