Belial report

So I ended my pact with Belial a few days ago. We reached a point where he let me know that he taught me all that I asked of him, and then some. I held a final evocation to thank him and say farewell, and burned his sigil. I immediately felt his presence leave. His presence had been with me 24/7 during the pact and now I feel empty.

I learned a few techniques for self empowerment, self mastery, mastery over others in my life, and how to tap into currents of this world and the underworld. But the thing I am most proud of is not what I can do, but who Belial helped me become. He burnt a LOT out of me. It was harsh, but necessary. I came to realize just how much time and energy I wasted on stupid things. I feel like a different person.

He was the first entity I worked with that demanded that I immediately use what he taught me. I had to be prepared to learn and then show Belial that I could perform what he showed me, right after he taught me to do something. This lead to a lot of reinforcement that what we are doing is very real and has real life consequences. At one point, after showing me how to bind spirits to my will he told me to bind some one, I had no one in mind and no reason to bind anyone but Belial insisted and I am not gonna piss a Demonic King off so I had to bind an innocent person (luckily it was just to keep that person out of my life for a while, so far it has worked fantastically).

I just wanted to report back to any that are interested. Belial is fantastic, but he is like a tough as nails drill Sargent who just has no time for excuses or weakness. If you evoke him get ready for a tough, but awesome ride.


This is great.
How long did you make the pact for?
Did you work exclusively with Belial during that time?
Apart from feeling his pressence, did you interact with Belial outside of formal ritual?

I made the pact for 28 days, 14 days of learning\instruction and 14 days of Belial flinging things at me that I have to fix with the stuff he taught me… I am still in the 2nd 14 days. He told me that he considers the pact done, and now is looking forward to the “fun” part.

Part of our pact was for me to work exclusively with Belial (he insisted on this) for the first 14 days, unless he gave me the go ahead to work with another spirit. He only had me work with one of his underlings for 2 days. And that was mostly to help attune me to Belial.

As far as interacting with him outside of formal ritual I did all the time. Really it was Him interacting with me, he would just “Pop” things into my mind through out the day. I found that if I imagined his sigil and chanted his Enn, he would show up fairly quickly.

good stuff! now we’re talking. keep us posted on your ongoing progress

like a spiritual awakening
Great work