Belial reaching out?

Spirits communicate to me largely through dreams. The other night I had a dream I was in a large beautiful cathedral like museum, and there was a massive granite carving of a (fallen) angel. Very broad and big, strong looking, then a plaque under the statue stating that it was Belial and and some ‘historical’ facts about him. He is one of the names of demons that pops up for me, but I have been on the fence working with him, I have heard wonderful things about working with him, and not so great things. Any opinions on Belial or if he was reaching out in the dream?


Could be. He is great to work with. Call him up and see for yourself.

Belial is very particular who he works with, especially when it comes to certain things. Your either with him 100% or your not. Do not wastw your time being a garbage human being with hangups if you wanna work with him is my advice as you make it hard on you. Hes about making progress.

You should meditate and first ask what things are getting in the way of working with him and also how can you best work with him (on things not just related to yourself).


He first contacted me in a dream as well, info and my stuff (and some experiences of other members as well) in this topic: My "Belial Files" : 2017 Update

Do you happen to remember anything, even parts, of what you read?

Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what it said, but I did read it and it was honoring his greatness. Which I’m sure he would appreciate haha

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yupp…that sounds like belial was contacting you. if youre going to work with him i reccommend calling him king belial at first it makes a good first impression. from my experience belial is the most prideful gatekeeper and loves being payed attention to. DO NOT IGNORE HIM as he will make himself known in a very noticible manner. i personally recommend him as somebody to work with even though he has his flaws. if hes gone though the motions of contacting you through dreams,then you should most definitely work with him. its a good sign that youre meant to work with him. ultimitely its up to you wheter you think hes a good or bad entity to work with and do not go into this with stereotypes as he will alter his appearnce to that and your thoughts of him so to get a clearer version of him go into this with an open mind and discard anything that you think hes gonna be like. its very interesting to see his reaction when he figures out you dont really have any expectations of him…its just… interesting.

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Thank you, this is very helpful

I’d say go for it. You never know where it could lead you.

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100% go for it.

King Paimon contacted me in a lucid dream and I’ve been having HUGE leaps in my abilities as of a week ago.