Belial or....?

Im building a ritual space and I wanted to know who I should work with first any suggestions ?

That depends. What are you looking to accomplish?

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Baneful magick and wealth

Bune can help you with wealth.

Azazel (I think), Vespar and Focalor can help you with baneful magick.

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For wealth, for example, Clauneck, Mammon and Lucifuge.

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Belial can help with both, however he prefers to delegate wealth magick to his spirits or other spirits like Clauneck, but he definitely can do it very well, speaking from experience Belial is your guy, definitely. Super powerful. Really quick results( Im talking like minutes sometimes but dont expect it) blood and/or burbon help. Don’t piss him off with lies and disrespect and you will be good friends.