Belial...maybe Lilith & my wife's orgasms last night

Hey BALG family,

So I had an interesting evening & wanted to share. (Sexual) I feel bad cause I’m always honest with my wife about everything. However I wasn’t at first regarding this type of magick, so when I told her, she was a little upset. But this morning she kissed me, told me she trusted me and everything was ok.

So the story begins like this. We are swingers & of course; all the couples are more interested in my wife than me, I get a lot of pussy due to my wife being hot and couples wanting her. However, due to me working in a separate geographical area than where we live, I also play with women and couples alone. I last week did two rituals from the Demons of Magick book; ritual #1. I asked Prince Sitri if he would bring me women on the swinger sites we belong too easier when alone. I also asked King Belial to give me the ability to provide those women with mind-blowing, life-changing orgasms. His offering was the juices from the women’s orgasms among public praise.

Well, as of yet, the women haven’t come flocking to our swinger inbox just for myself, so not sure if Sitri accepted my request, or is waiting for the right time to shower me in swinger pussy heaven…lol. What I will say there is an uptick in couples reaching out to play with us together, so not sure if that has anything to do with it but, I’ll remain optimistic about this. Last night though before bed, I said to myself, "King Belial I would love a preview of the mind-blowing orgasms you will provide when I’m with these women I meet through swinging. If my wife and I have sex tonight, you can have her juices and help me give her mind-blowing orgasms.

Somewhere around midnight, I woke up with a raging hard-on. I said to myself, “Ah shit, this bout to be some demon sex tonight!” I roused my wife, and though she was deep in sleep, she easily let me slide off her pajamas to get to the action. She was very dry, so told me I needed to lick her pussy first. So even though I wanted to jump right to it, I started eating her out. What’s interesting is when I started eating her out, BELIAL flashed in my mind… at that moment, my wife started moaning more deeply, almost like she was caught off guard by the pleasure she was feeling. So I kept rolling with it excited about what would be taking place next. I then get a flash of LILITH. This threw me for a loop as I’ve never done any rituals to her or has she been in the scope of anything, but again, my wife is enjoying herself, so I say they must be working together to help me please my wife. I will say my wife orgasms pretty easy with me anyway, but it was nice to feel to these two royal entities also empowering me.

So, my wife orgasms about three times from oral and now it’s time to get to the main event. I enter her, and we go at it. While having sex, my wife is orgasming like usual, but again, I’m excited because I know I have back-up. Here is where things got interesting. My wife was orgasming but wasn’t squirting like she usually does. I felt in complete control but, I also felt like I was compelled to say to her, “Squirt on my dick. It belongs to me.” I said it in an intense, deep voice & my wife was caught off guard as that’s something I’ve never spoken to her, even though we talk dirty. She told me after the fact she pulled back a little when I said that…I didn’t notice in the moment. However, 2 mins later she has two squirting orgasms & seems to be extremely satisfied, but I keep raging on to get more and more from her. The last orgasm she had, I came with her & we were drained.

After we clean up, my wife asks me why did I say her orgasms belonged to me & changed my voice to an intense, almost evil sound. At this point, I came clean about the two rituals, & she was upset that I would give away her orgasms to someone else. She said she felt violated. I explained orgasms happen easily for her & I. I felt instead of wasting the energy, we would give it to King Belial to use and help us strengthen our magickal work. She understood this, but you can tell she was still a little upset. I also felt bad because she is right; I had no right to give away anything of hers without consent. Even typing this now, I’m like “Damn Blankman, you fucked up!”

This morning, she got ready for work, then kissed me and told me, she trusts me and that we are good. She also said always to be honest with her about my magickal workings cause she wants to be part of it, not an experiment for my kinky, worldly desires. I said, “thank you, baby, I’m so lucky to have you.” I also, asked her if her orgasm were more intense or different than normal, she said “no,” but she enjoyed me and the spontaneity of last night.

So a few questions, Why did Lillith pop into my head during oral sex with my wife? Also, why did Belial compelled me to say “Your orgasm belongs to me?” in the strange voice? I actually said it twice, the second time I added that if she didn’t squirt I was going to choke her (compelled to say that), that’s when she squirted all over the bed and me. Third, why didn’t my wife experience mind-blowing orgasms? She said she had a great time, but it wasn’t different than any other time. My wife doesn’t lie about sex at all, so would tell me if it was different in any way. This has me wondering if it’s all my imagination and wishful thinking? My wife told me she thought we were roleplaying, but of course, after I told her my ritual to Belial she felt I was possessed by him and asked if I was in control the whole time, I told her, “yes I was.” Even when I said the orgasms belong to me part, it felt like he was there with me but not in 100% full control.

I don’t know, it’s all new to me, and part of me feels it could be my imagination and the other part as if Belial was right there helping me to fuck my wife. While it was a great time, I wish I could’ve given her more mindblowing orgasms. Anywho, that was my night, and your insight, questions or even concerns are welcomed here.

Thanks, BALG family & HAIL KING BELIAL!!

P.S. I have to shout out Prince Sitri too! Even though I’m not getting droves of women or couples interested in just myself, I do see a small influx of people reaching out to us to play, so for that, I have to say Thank you & HAIL PRINCE SITRI!!


Offerings wise you’re the one practicing so you should offer something yours, like your orgasm or your feelings for giving her pleasure.
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You’re absolutely right @Anassa. The question is, how do you go back and adjust an offering with King Belial? All new to me and of course feel sorry for giving something that wasn’t mine to give in the first place.

You dont. Whats his is his. All you can do is make future offerings exchanges and improve.

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Thank you @Meowlix. Newbie mistake on my part, I thought since a woman would orgasm and it really didn’t cause any harm on their behalf to experience an orgasm it was a win-win, however, that was selfish of me and I have learned from this experience.

Yep. Being honest doesnt mean you have to tell everything. Belials a bit different he likes to be 100% in control.

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she did

you fukd up by telling her


Yeah, I guess because I always tell my wife everything…good, bad & ugly it was normal for me to do so. To be able to swing & have an open relationship like we do, that’s just a normal practice for me to tell my wife things, even when I know it won’t necessary work in my favor.

My wife is cool now, but so many lessons learned in this experience.

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@13lueGemini, you mean she had mind-blowing orgasms but when I told her it messed up her feelings about it?


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Got it, My wife can be brutal with sex and how it makes her feel, good or bad. She tends not to lie about these things but I don’t rule out what you’re saying as emotions have a way of altering anyones reality. Her feeling hurt or even betrayed at first can cause her to resent the experience for sure.

Something to know about Belial. Politics: not so much about elected leaders but more the fact that he is a strategic persona. He controls things… Including orgasms and other sexual things. If you are 100% honest and tell every single thing then you put yourself in the position on the chess board of being the sacrificial foot soldier.

So Im guessing in a Swinger Situation, if you had a kingly status bestowed upon you by Belial, it would be because his powers would shape you into someone who would be the Star of the Swinger Show. The female/wife would be the complement to you. Belial is not about coming from a Supplicating position in any sense of the word…it is All or Nothing.

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Makes a lot of sense @Meowlix! Originally this was to be used on other women in the lifestyle and of course, I would never disclose my agreement with Belial or anything magickal for that matter to anyone. It all came to a head when I grew impatient and wanted a preview with my wife last night. Mind you, she and I had been having sex after I did the ritual with Belial. My request from him was to allow me to give women I come in contact with in the lifestyle those mind-blowing orgasms. When I did the ritual I actually excluded my wife as she was someone I already had part of my life and our sex life is great.

When I wanted the preview last night, coupled with the honesty of telling my wife everything is when I ran into the problem of my wife feeling a certain way and me being more beta in the situation than the alpha I should be. Going forward the agreement was to use this new found power on women in the lifestyle so I think it will all straighten out now, hopefully:crossed_fingers:

you have to know that women get off more with the psychological rather than the physical, so instead of just dirty talking to her, you can ask her what sexual fantasy she likes to have, and you can roleplay with that fantasy, treat her like a sexual doll too, they love that


I don’t really have anything new to add concerning Belial, others have chimed in on that. But as for Prince Sitri, that definitely sounds like something he would do. Sitri has always come through but I will say sometimes it’s not what you expect. And most of the time you have vital choices to make when he does open those doors for you.

Just this last weekend, I decided to go out to a bar (something I don’t typically do). So I said what the hell, I’ll invoke Sitri while drawing his sigil and dabbing 4 drops of blood on it. I then asked him to increase my seduction while I have his sigil on me. He agreed and I went out.

So I sat down at the bar, ordered a beer. Then while I drank the beer I started whispering his name. I got to the 3rd time and all of a sudden a red auric energy emanated off my back and proceeded to fill the whole bar with this mist. Within a half hour after this release women started gravitating toward me and I didn’t have to pay for another drink the whole night. In fact, a group of women invited me along to another bar. Now I was given the opportunity to sleep with a couple of them (including one who was married). I ended up turning them down because I understood what was going on and also my main goal of seduction alone was achieved. Nothing but good to say about Sitri!


Being a woman I agree with you and the doll part !