Belial making fun of me in dream

Hello. To cut it short, I had a nightmare that started off with war airplanes and my house getting run to the ground by a bulldozer.

I was left outside in the rubble, and the man that ran it over, I think, got down and stood in front of me. It was then I realized he was a demon and by the feel of it, a very powerful one. I couldn’t place my finger on it, but it was probably one I have worked with before, either Moloch or Raum.
He started telling me he is going to take my soul in a mocking way, and soon enough, there were 3 men standing around me.
I wasn’t really all that scared at this point, more like confused, because I knew they can’t just ‘‘take my soul’’.

Then King Belial, I realized, spoke up to the first one, and again made fun of me
“If it was me, I bet she would’ve given me her soul for free because I’m so cool” and ironically he looked like a very attractive actor.
Again, I was staring at them in disbelief until the third one (either Raum or Moloch) attacked me and kept hurting me until I begged him to stop.

I remember they somehow vanished, and I pulled out my phone in the dream to search for Belial’s sigil to evoke him, because ''those can’t be them, why would they bully me?"


Sometimes they test us. I have not worked with Moloch or Raum but I have worked with Belial. He did mock me although it was not in a dream. His purpose wasn’t to make me feel bad or bully me but to get me to break old patterns of thought engrained into me from being raised catholic. It worked. Once aware I could change and did so. Belial has sent things to attack me in a dream state. It was so I could learn to protect myself and I did. I was never harmed but it was scary at first.


Indeed. I have been tested by Belial before. And I was also considering that if this was indeed just a weird nightmare, it probably had to do with my Christian fear of ‘going to hell and being tortured forever’.
I just find it weird because I haven’t interacted with Belial in quite a while now. Nor with Raum, although I did do something that pissed him off, so I guess I deserved to be hurt.


Sounds like a Fear you have I had that same fear but not anymore, I got sick tired of feeling Fear from every mother fucker there was so I decided to change myself good luck :four_leaf_clover: Here’s a chocolate chip cookie :cookie: you can eat the cookie if you want just gotta do some baking if you’re prepared for a little baking,

Oh, I’m definitely working on the issue myself, as I stated above, I was more confused than scared. It’s just gonna take a while more.