Belial Leaving Hints

So… I evoked Belial this afternoon. I was asking for some help financially, as well as for myself personally.
First off, the sassy lil bugger literally moved one of my rocks beside me in response to one of my questions :joy: Scared the absolute shit out of me…
Secondly, I was just using my phone for his sigil, did not have time to draw it before work today. After I was done the evocation, I looked down ro my phone to find that Belial had changed the sigil from his, to this one: The Sources Sigil and Pentagram.

Any idea how I should interpret this…? I was not able to find much information about it.

Input is appreciated as always!



The site of where it originates had this in the description

Our Sigil was drawn by Jinx Dawson (Coven) & Order of Satan and points down. This symbolize the power within man, as the snakes inside the Pentagram symbolize the constant cycle of life and death. Venus and Mars represent potential and vigor, dynamic and sexuality.

Though you may wanna try meditating with it for additional insights if Belial put it in your path.


I did visit that website as well.

Interesting… I will certainly give meditation with this a go. Thank you kindly, @Dinmiatus

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No problem :slight_smile: hope it helps.


I really like this sigil, i really like how cartoony cute the snakes look :joy:

as for the meaning, from the description of the website, the cycle of life and death play a big role in draconian magick, and belial being seen in some systems as one of the primal gods. the tridents ( if they are tridents i could be wrong) symbolize mastery and authority which also plays into what the author stated that this symoblizes man’s personal power. which also relates directly to belial, who is all about self mastery and claiming personal power :slight_smile:

hopefully some of that helps, there’s quite a bit more symbolize here as well but may not be related


Alchemy and self mastery through Belial go hand In hand. Makes sense


I love to hear stories like this.

A couple of days ago I had a towel removed from my bedroom and placed in the bathroom. To accomplish this, it either required me to lose my mind and my memory to get up and move the towel myself, or else it passed through a closed door and hung itself up.

I know for a fact that I didn’t put it there, as I had placed it at the foot of my bed after drying my face that night. That is what I do every night, because I always grab my towel from the foot of my bed in the morning. I never put it in the bathroom, and definitely never the way it was found, which was a totally unnatural position. When I woke up that morning, the towel was just gone from my room.

Can’t really explain the reason why this occurred, other than maybe it was probably done as a practical joke, or maybe a sign that the spirit I had been working on evoking was present.


I look here and I see that the central snake rising above the other two means that you have power beyond the cycle of life and death itself, but if you take the two snakes as meaning the infinity symbol, then this would also mean that you possess power beyond infinity.

All of reality is a return to nothingness and a creation from that nothingness, this infinity is precisely that reality. Belial wants you resist this cycle and go beyond the return to nothingness in order to persist and become more powerful on your own terms, to command infinity itself.


Belial’s Black Alchemy :smiling_imp:


I’ve had strange things like this happen to me as well, except this one was the most direct. I did not need to weigh out the likelihood of possibilities this time :joy: rocks don’t just rotate on their own in a room with closed windows… :eyes:


Very interesting…
I would have never figured this out on my own :joy: So I thank you for clearing the haze here…

So do I! Kinda wish I could keep them and build them a snakey house… :joy:

This all was very helpful! Thank you for your input @boredomkill5 :blush:


i have writen some same symbols as you like those on top like that η symbol