Belial in the bible

What was Belial’s role in the bible? I know he was some demon king, but what did he do? Did he tempt believers into straying from the path to God, or did he just represent the concepts of faithlessness, doubt, and all things earthly?

I’m under the impression monotheistic beliefs were created to motivate tribal survival in unforgiving environments, with demons representing those unforgiving forces in nature. And so, Belial would make sense to represent those forces.

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All I recall is the term “children of Belial” which I think was supposed to mean roughhousing hoodlums.

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There’s loads of references to him in the bible 2 Corinthians 6:15 springs to mind but dont quote me on it! I believe Belial or sons of means ‘naughty person(s)’ or people of worthlessness. He was cited in the New Testament as being seen amongst the 666 demons seen in hell when Michael showed Jesus and disciples hell. Also these are things which spring to mind so bits may be wrong lol Belial is my patron demon and I’m getting sone of this from him but he’s yawning so some is hard to make out lol :joy:

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Call him and ask. He taught me some interesting things. Not rough housing hoodlums. Belial are not degenerates, but may be the complete opposite, with the added rough housing as well as other things of a more delicate nature thrown in. He’s all about being human at its greatest in its many guises; not NOT about Rap Culture, though he can bring expression to that.

This Rap Culture and other things associated to him are due to the type of indoctrinated people it comes from. He is like a mirror reflecting your indoctrination and true selves.

Children of Belial is reffering to the many incarnations of The Sons of Light and Darkness…and is a specific lineage not trapped by even genetics…as the Lineage protects itself against those who would choose to manipulate flesh in a political maneuvere in an attempt to control Magick and Spirituallity as an act of War against the said lineage.