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Medical schools will accept anyone without a high school diploma but you must have a GED (general equivilancy diploma) and you must make over a certain score on your ACT or SAT test. I imagine the scores vary per state but here where I live an ACT score of 21 will get you into the undergraduate programs to become a nurse, tech or assistant that requires a 2-4 year degree but if you want to be a full on therapist, doctor or surgeon and go to school for 6-10 years I think the score has to be 23 or higher to get into the graduate programs. But it also depends on what college you attend, I imagine some ivy league schools are much stricter than that with their score requirements.

I’m not concerned with health affects of smoking, I’ve had ultrasounds and x-rays of my lungs and after being a smoker for like 14 years I was told my lungs look like I’ve never smoked a day in my life. I started smoking in 8th grade. I was more concerned that smokes cost a lot of money and here in the U.S. every few years they keep raising the price and taxes all at once. But I figured if he can help with a strong addiction like that he could help me with some things I need to improve on I just hope he doesn’t think it would be best to put me in a bad situation to get me to improve.

For the first time in several years I’m finally getting my life in order and things are looking up better than ever, everything is going just right. I went thru so much hell before turning to black magick that it made me have a negative attitude and hatred for everyone that seemed to have their affairs in order and seemed to be happy, and that negativity created a downward spiral that I refuse to go back to, so I hope his idea of ripping things apart to straighten you out doesn’t involve putting me thru that hell again after everything I worked so hard to accomplish recently because that would not only ruin everything I’ve worked for but put me back in that cycle of hating everyone around me that is happy when I can never get a break.

When I was an RHPer nothing ever went right. Life only seemed to tease me by giving me what I needed most for a very short time then stripping it away from me in a violent manner and trading what little happiness I had in exchange for 5 depressing and hard to overcome situations. It was like I could never get a break and just enjoy my life and the universe was having fun teasing me with my desires. It wasn’t just things I wanted, but things I needed to survive were continually taken away from me so I finally broke thru that cycle of endless problems and failures and used my previous disadvantages to my advantage to get ahead in life.

So I got no problem with being tested in some ways because I believe all those struggles I had were tests to get me to realize how the adult world really works but I refuse to do so if it means going back to those struggles again. I’ve already been there and proven myself worthy and pulled myself up out of that slump and my lifepath is currently being altered by another spirit that’s helping me to get ahead and reach my main goal in life. I am sacrificing many things that I enjoy in order to make his work possible and am willing to continue making these sacrifices since I know the end result is best for me, but this is all part of continually embettering myself so I wonder if Belial would end up stopping the progress I’ve made this far and take me right back to square one where I am stuck in an endless cycle of depression, hatred and suffering?

I am willing to make sacrifices, they are a necessary part of both mundane and magickal living but I am not willing to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for.

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Vampirism under Belial… Did you know he is also the Lord of the Vampires? Emotions:

Hate: Deconstruct Reality
Love: Build Reality.

You dont necessarily feel these emotions…in fact you are completely COLD like Belial (explains why he can be a real hardass…mastering emotions means being cold), so that you do not bleed yourself of emotions and instead are able to weave the energy around you.

Raven: having both Lovers and Haters in life does become useful. They are nothing more than animal like just throwing their energy around randomly…chaotically…without a care. This is ok though, because it is what they want to do, so do not feel guilty if you make use of your environment. There is no reason you should ever feel angry and stressed…use the idiots and enemies around your area to further your goal to be happy. Think of each “individual” as an alchemical element and then store it away in memory for later use. Of course, keep lovers, friends, families close and protect them from such things…naturally.


@Salpinx: Actually I have a couple of Bachelor degrees, which I used to get into a postgraduate medical course. I used simple (LOL… sometimes I forget that the word “simple” doesn’t really fit in this context:) evocation methods to speak with him. I made offerings and sacrifices (no, no animals) as a matter of courtesy, then presented my case and let him decide if he wanted to help.

@Biosynth: I’m afraid I don’t have any military experience as they wouldn’t take me on account of my having tattoos below the elbow. I was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club for a few years, though, so the idea of defending one’s tribe certainly still applies. I’m afraid I don’t hold the same sympathy towards the Australian populace as a whole, though. The whole world’s going to Hell (figuratively speaking), and it saddens me to see how degenerate, violent and stupid even the every-day civilian has become. Until we evolve as a species (or at least as a society) and learn to treat each other better, I will remain on the sidelines out of the way of shot and cannon.

As for the death current… Well I just wrote a whole book about it, called Saturn Rising:) Shameless plug. LOL.

In short, astral projection is basically the afterlife, so that’s one practical example. As for energy-oriented practises, meditating with and opening / channelling death-dealer sigils like that of Saturn (and of course various spirits auch as Azrael… see S. Connolly’s works for appriproate demons), devotional practices to Qayin Baal-Golgotha (Qayin, the Lord of Golgotha, the first grave site), the Eleventh Enochian Key, and basically anything else which brings death closer.

Non-attachment to existence is a huge part of it though. So long as the self-preservation instinct rules, it naturally repels death energy (which not many people give much thought to, as a subconscious impulse:)

You know that moment when you first realise that we are just vessels of flesh, and that “we” are not who we thought we were? By this, I mean that we are not the face staring back at us from the mirror, and that our “suit of flesh” as Virdon Djinn put it, is simply borrowed material from the universe, and carriage to the unconscious divinity trapped within. If you can remember that moment, that’s about the most ambivalent anyone will ever be towards their mortal existence. In that moment, the thought of death is no longer terrifying; in fact, it’s just “nothing”. It elicits no emotional response whatsoever, because in that moment, we reach a higher state of being (if only for a short time, before the world comes crashing through again).

That moment is what the death current feels like, when you bring it near (just for reference). That’s obviously the state we death-cultists try to achieve for ourselves all the time, or at least certainly during ritual and meditation. By channelling death energy, we can learn from it, and from the “coincidences” it brings about, like any kind of magic would. Most people confuse this with some kind of emotional personality disorder, or para/suicidal gestures because who in their right mind wouldn’t be terrified by death? Well, death-cultists :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t mean we want to die, necessarily, but most of us have seen the other side anyhow, so we’re not afraid of what it holds. To this end, we’re more unconcerned over our mortality than anything else. We just don’t get what all the fuss is about, and genuinely want to leave a meaningful impression on the world in the time we have (and, of course, we also want what other, regular people want… you know, the basic human wants and needs… Except to live forever:P

I apologise if this is considered thread-hijacking. If you’d like to know more about the death-current, PM me and I’ll share more of what I’ve discovered. Or, start a thread on death-worship and I’ll chime in. In the meantime, there’s a long-ass synopsis of my book here, and at the publisher’s website. Just google for “Saturn Rising” and it should come up. It’s a purple cover.

Kind regards, Tj.

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So I got a question; in the Ars Goetia it is said that Belial won’t answer or honour any request without an offering, sacrifice or gift so I was thinking of offering a high quality beef steak (deliciously seasoned) as a burning offering and then some of my blood aswell. Does anybody know weither this would be acceptable for him?

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Seems like overkill.

Is this your first time contacting him, and are you also planing on asking for something major?

Im just curious.

Well you want to use something that is going to give off etheric energy when burned so animal flesh is and always has been a big one, the heart is a good one for this and I do believe the Aztec would burn the heart after removal. So I think a beef heart from the butchers shop would work well for you. The theory I have is that when the place between what is molecules to being individual atoms as the matter is reduced to carbon something happens and energy is given off that entities can use to manifest in our dimensions of perception.
This would be your full on calling forth evocation, call up the spirit via clairaudience or whatever psychic method you have then before you call it forth start burning the heart and the blood. Also go get a diabetic finger needle puncher deal and milk the hell out of that blood all over that burning heart. Get it good and stinky in there and when you start to feel nauseous… Congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back!
Give it more blood and when you start to feel dizzy and need to sit down… Congratulations! You have been initiated into the Heart Fire Club!!!

Often, he seems to just want you to show some guts, to sacrifice fears and weaknesses, that’s what he asked of me and we’ve gotten a lot of very good results in material-world work together.

Much as I love the big guy, I would advise against giving him YOUR blood, he’s a dude who likes to keep what he’s given and use it, so that’s not something I would do given your exact circs. Maybe later, but make your boundaries VERY clear!

Burning meat is a nice idea, check that it’s not already kosher/halal though, and I put everything else I know about Belial in this post and I don’t think anything of note has changed since then. :slight_smile:


Being that I have given him my blood, I am curious if you could go into more detail concerning this. You say that he likes to keep what he is given … What do you mean exactly? I haven’t had any contact with him for a while now (that I am aware of anyway.)

Also for those interested in my experiences with Belial:

BELIAL - Meeting With The Demonic King And Ancient God
[url=]- YouTube

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He’s always been very VERY touchy about his offerings (he has a standing shrine in my home), they have to be left for a good long time, any thought of moving them I get a sense of annoyance until I consult with him. I gave him an item of jewellery and when I asked (not really that bothered) if I could ever wear it, the answer was a really outraged psychic bellow of NO!!

And also, the area outdoors where I used to evoke him got bizarrely overrun with minor criminal behaviour, as though his energy became fixed there and the lawlessness was attracted as a result.

It was totally bizarre - not his evocation spot, more towards where I would stand to evoke him. And I had to dispute slightly with him to acquire it back under law!

I can’t watch vids right now (still got Arcane’s to watch as well) but if you’ve worked with him successfully, then you evidently had a good arrangement, but I think people tend to give blood too early in a lot of cases, and often when it’s not necessary, so I was cautioning there against being too casual with it.



Bumping this I did my first full evocation of Belial and he came to me as like a mirror of myself with yellow eyes, just wondering if anyone else had something similar to this


@Lady_Eva i am so impressed by your knowledge on Belial.

I have been in touch with this great king for a week now and things moved forward.I did a large animal sacrifice yesterday and several more last week and everytime I hid the bodies in the graveyard with his sigil.

He seems to have gone quiet since yesterday.I asked him for help with something which was supposed to sell out today and the people who were supposed to meet me never showed up.

I can’t feel him around since last night.I have so much respect for him I keep freaking out I may have upset him.

Is there anyway to find out or reach out to him.The pause is really making me sad and my need was urgent.

Would love your insights on this and if you happen to have a conversation with him today or soon do put in a nice word for me.I miss him since the last many hours.

Eh you don’t have to butter me up to get free help mate :stuck_out_tongue: but at the moment his portal is quiet, the world is kind of breathing in somewhat, normal spirit contact went crazy last night, spontaneous manifestations in my Temple, especially the weak bit where visitors often pop by - now, silence.

Something big is going on.

I’m not inclined to disrupt that by demanding he appear and discuss things, so I’ll bow ouit now, if you still need something on/after the weekend, drop me a line? :+1:


Lol, you really are awesome x nope no buttering here but I was wondering why everything was so quiet.He was so fatherly and loving all week x

I guess I will wait it all out quietly and patiently.If you ‘run’ into him give me an honourable mention please xoxoxo

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Possibly alot works going on this moon :alien: i know i have my own rites to to start tomorrow. One being an offering to belial on the full moon. Another related ti my Ahrimanian work which wont close till 21 days later.


From the planetary “correspondences” gave by Agrippa in his first book, it would seem that Belial’s planet is either Jupiter or the Sun. According to the Goetia, being a king and sometimes appearing on a chariot of fire, I’d say Sun. I practiced also for him the procedures by a contemporary Italian author to find the supposedly secret name, which is “Mesese”, and an alternative version of the sigil:

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Yes, I’ve become very aware of that today. Last night was quite intense for me as well, but when I awoke, it was way tooooo quiet. It was like the demons were all busy, off doing something very important. I could feel pressure all day, all over and a strange “buzzing” sensation in my core. I was quite irritable today as well… Even the mundane people/world are behaving strangely in response to this. Work was very, very weird today…


I have been feeling this today to. I almost feel pregnant…strange. And I think I’ve been feeling my third eye since yesterday. Yesterday it was throbbing. Today it was pulsating but it’s coming and going now. The spiritual pressure is coming and going to. Weird.

Someone told me that I might be feeling my third eye, which I’ve never felt before, because Belial might be trying to force it open. I’ve never talked to him or had any reason to call on him. Does that seem like something he would do? Just pop up in someone’s life and force their senses open a bit?


Ditto on the pregnant feeling as well! There is no way I can be physically pregnant(no physical sex). So, it has to be something spiritually related. And yes, it seems to be ebbing and flowing throughout the day…

When Lord Belial waltzed into my life, my senses would get blasted open just by him being present. I felt a burning pressure where my third eye is. I actually got a red imprint on my forehead that day. Like someone had pressed their finger into my third eye area and left a perfectly circular sunburn there. So yes, he came into my life unbidden. Yes, his presence greatly opened up my senses exponentially.


So he waltzed into your life to? I am not sure what to do about it. I don’t quite know how to talk to him or what to talk about. I had never considered doing it before but I’m not exactly ungrateful for the help in the senses.

@HermDemon WHY DO WE FEEL PREGNANT!!! No way I can be either.