Belial experience?

Hello! I wanna share my experience with Belial.
I used to be very insecure about the path of the left hand, but when I learned a little more, I decided to start walking it.
One of the figures that caught my attention the most was Belial, and yesterday I used the Evocation method recommended by a member of this forum.
When I felt the room darken, I turned off all the lights, and in the dark I began to see geometric shapes, faces, all within a large black-winged figure. I imagine that not everyone sees the same thing.
I did not feel fear, only fascination, I felt almost in love with him, a sensation coming from him as if he was a lover. He didn’t talk to me. He only transmitted sensations, and sexual desire. I made my request, and said goodbye to him. It is the first time in weeks that I have slept eight hours straight.
Someone had a similar experience with him? Or are they all different experiences?


we all have both different and similar experiences, but they can be intimate in our own way based on the kind of relationship we build and how we approach them