Belial biLocation, and more

Has anyone had trouble with Belials in sane packs? There’s just no end to them, finally we have the strange set of things. I must take the course for evocing and working with Belial, he muts fix music… aka ametaphore for my dna, and teach me bilocation. Has anyone ever bilocated with Belial? I don’t think that is in his usual list of expertise, so I am interested.

Anyways then we are done… alll though lighting a candle ended up being a journey to the under world so… you never know.

What do you guys think?

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In my experience with working with Belial, he can do a lot of things. The bilocation thing is more of learning it on your own. Everyone wants to astral project / remote view in the beginning. It’s not that simple though.

A really good way to learn it is to begin with Lucid Dreaming, then to Remote Viewing, then to Projection, then to Astral Projection, then to moving things in Projection. Those were my steps anyway.

In my work with him, Belial mainly just pointed me towards resources that would help me understand things more. I found this forum, I found books, I’ve put random things in google etc. It’s more of a revealing secrets that you already knew to yourself.

I have had him switch dreams on me or change my dreamscapes completely though. Weird things that I couldn’t even think of on my own. I think it has something to do with being so connected to your inner imaginations.

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