Belial assisted me sexually. I strongly recommend Belial for this type of thing

I make public praise to Loard Belial, the Lord of arrogance and pride. MIghty prince of Hell. Inmense Belial, angel of confussion, lust and desire.

During 1 week, in His great generosity, He assisted me with two small fights I had with my girlfriend. He solved both of them during the same day, on a thursday and a friday, making her to return to me easy and caring, solving the conflict. Same happened yesterday Sunday, a similar situation, in this case He assisted in a matter of few hours, making the situation to be totally solved by 3am. In this case, an invocation Ritual was needed, using my blood over His sigil and offering a cup of wine and a full ritual. In the first two cases, only visualizing His sigil and chanting his Enn, was enough.

Belial is an amazing Deity. He helped me with her as well, sexually, to get rid of all the nervousness of the first encounters, as it’s nearly a brand new relationship. Now, when I see my girlfriend all I have is an extreme feeling of lust and perversion towards hers, and inmense desire to fuck her deeply, without fearing of failure.

Thanks Lord Belial, you will have a place in my altar for the rest of my days. I make public praise for you inmense goodness…

Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial
Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial
Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial


do you think he can help me solve my problems with premature ejaculation?


One trick I use for that is thinking of the Lannester twins banging. Not sure if you’re into GoT but its helpful.


Think about baseball while whistling “Take me out to the Ball Game.”

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Yes, Belial can help you with that as well. Belial helps you recover your power about anything and everything, helps you regain your inner force. And yes, when you are having sex and you have some eyaculation issues, it’s a good point thinking of just something else for a moment, it really helps.

Good luck and let us know here


:joy::joy::joy: GOT incest porn.
Mother of dragons and Jon Snow is hotter. :sweat_smile::grin:


Good grief, Violet. Thou art a hidden little devil.

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You’re not wrong lol. Honestly if my aunt was the mother of dragons Id bang her too.


Hahaha :laughing::+1::+1:

hi diebythesword, today i had sex with a hooker and didn´t ejaculate at all, usually when i have sex i think about it but instead today i was thinking about dumb shit like counting 1-100, star wars, some random events that happened in my life and i felt great, even when she was giving me bj, i was closing my eyes and thinking about something else and when i did ejaculate it was because of my decision

it´s pretty funny because i was thinking the past weekend to ask Belial about it but because i´m lazy i didn´t managed to evoke him, but i think he heard my request nonetheless

big thanks to YOU and big thanks to the MIGHTY KING BELIAL!

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So you are now ready for the… movies.

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The X rated movies, I mean.


Can’t wait to take Kage back to Hell

I do!

Does anybody know if sex with other spirits like succubi is prevented during the duration of a pact with belial?

I haven’t had sex with mine ever since I started my pact with belial. I didn’t know that would be part of the deal. I’m 100% okay with it regardless.
I guess energy would interfere?

No, a pact with Belial should not affect the relationship with your succubus, unless Belial specifically said you shouldn’t have sex for the duration or something.

However, it is possible that your succubus made the decision herself to step away though. Have you asked her about it?


I have another question.

I’ve noticed being very sensitive to the sexual aura I can feel from women. Depending on how intense their sexual aura is, I can keep a straight face and smile as I’m speaking to them, but in the inside, I’m on my knees, begging them for mercy. That’s merely an example of an encounter I had with a woman that had a very strong sexual aura as I was helping her out at my work.

I would love for my own sexual aura to be very strong. I’ve always wanted sexual attention from girls ever since I was in middle school. It’s difficult for me to pay attention sometimes and I think because of that, it’s always been a struggle to make friends. I think that because of that, I became weird and insecure.

After my first girlfriend, many years of depression ate my life away. I remained weird and insecure, lived an unhealthy lifestyle and could never win over another girlfriend. Now I want to take back all of those years that were wasted. I want to be a “star boy”.

I have a stronger relationship with my succubus now and I think I may have even fallen in love with her. I’m feeling so much greed lust now, that I’m hoping that my spiritual ascension with her also increases my sexual aura. Does anybody know antthing about that? Does a succubus increase your sexual aura permanently?

Lmao. :rofl::joy::joy::joy: