Belial as an african god?

Hello everyone. As I’m a newby and I have a lot of doubts I don’t know if this experience was real or not, but…

I summed Belial a while ago, I think the first time he came to me, there was no image of him, just a “voice” in my mind. He told me to call him every night for three weeks and do lifting body meditation and talk about him, give info about him. If I did that he would ‘take me as his student’.

First I was very confused about this whole lifting body meditation, then I got to the conclusion that I was supposed to find out what was this. After search and think about it I found out he was talking about light soul meditation, a meditation to connect with my higher self/my soul.

I started do all this. The next time he came to me he came as a black bold young man very god like, with lights, dressed as an ancient god.

In the next times he was either a black man, but modern, with hat and all or he would just show me aspects and elements of the black/african culture. So I asked myself “why is him showing me this, does he mean he is an african god?” Asked him and kind confirmed, he said one of his aspects was an african god and I should talk about this in my posts about him.

I searched about it and I couldn’t find anything or almost anything. I’m not sure if I found or if I just got to the conclusion of this: many say he name means worthless. The Africans were brought to the Americas as slavers and had their religion changed forcefully by the ‘masters’ who thrown on they Christians beliefs. Belial was one of the(or the god) gods that those slavers worshipped and the ‘masters’ would tell they “you’re worthless as your worthless god” and from this that the name Belial started to mean worthless. But the name also could mean “without a master” or be associated with “rebellion” and " “lawlessness” all characteristics that would apply to the slavers, they were rebels and lawless and worshipped a god that was without a master, as they desired to be and considered themselves to be on their souls.

So Belial was the word they used to described this god.

I couldn’t find any african god that has similarities with him, though.

My grand-grandmother was daughter of slavers, my grandfather said she was very quite and almost never talked about her parents he don’t even know their names. So made me think, just now, that maybe her and/or her parents worshipped/worked with him.

As for me, I did post about him in all my social networks and did/still do this meditation but I had a lot of crises of doubts and in one of those crises I gave up and lost my opportunity of work with him. For now at least.

Oh and the first time I saw Belial, I mean in his god like form he looked a lot like with King Paimon.

What you people think/know about all this? Is possible all this? If so, anyone has any idea of what god is him.

Was he trying tell me that my family had already worked with him?

He and King Paimon are associated anyhow?


The origin of his name is much older, but he does seem linked to the Lwa, some of us have found.


I consult with Belial almost daily and this has never come up. I’m gonna have to just come out and ask him point blank.

“I am known by many names, throughout history. I am the patron of the oppressed. Those who know me see me as the light of freedom and truth.” - Lord Belial


Hi, Belial introduced himself to me. I am Native Black American, i think at the moment he’s testing me. For some reason i respect him. I can feel him. Your story gave me an eye opener, you’re the first descendant of slavery mention him. Now, I am not along.


To me he appeared as a blondhaired man with dark eyes. Definitely looked ‘caucasian’. But he did start talking about Arabic to me, idk why as I have nothing with Arabs at. all. He said that the word ‘man’ in Arabic comes from another Arabic root word meaning forgetfulness. I did not know this but I looked it up and it is true. And I have been dreaming about scorpions which makes me think of a desert, which makes me think of the Sahara in North Africa. I think maybe they show an aspect of them to you that is most relatable to you? They are, as you think they are.