Belial and music

First off, putting this on general discussion because I’d like it to open into your experiences with demons/gods/beings and their apparent music choices.
As I’ve been working with Belial recently we’ve been building a bond, to the point He chooses music when I get in my junky old truck.
I never have the radio on because it’s 31 years old and has no antenna, so it gets no reception.
But 3 times this week I’ve gotten in and turned the ignition over, the radio kicks on and the song all 3 times was “the humpty dance” by Digital underground. I’d say it’s wild coincidence if all 3 times the song hadn’t started from the absolute beginning. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t feel like it.
It does feel strange that a being such as he would enjoy humpty however.
So, what are your experiences on this note? (Pun mildly intended.:joy:…I’ll see myself out.)


I was going through the lyrics, if you go through as well, I think you will know, why?

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I hadn’t considered that until your post.
And then it basically kicked me in the face.
“All right!
Stop whatcha doin’
'Cause I’m about to ruin
The image and the style that ya used to.”

Perhaps not that He likes the song, but I always have so it seems like a decent way to send a message but force me to learn or miss it.
Learning every day, as it should be.


He liked some metal I was listening to in the car. I think the band was either Vader or Decapitated.



I think @chthonicmagus hit the nail on the head for me with this one, he may not have actually wanted to listen to the song (even though he played it three separate times) but wanted to pass a message.
My senses are admittedly garbage. I took a years long break from workings and I still can’t seem to shake all the cobwebs out.
So, if I can’t hear Him , He found a way to talk anyway.

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To me is a message he sent. I got a similar expierence which I described on another thread:

Here is my expierence:

I want to share an recent experience that I had through a song.

I was sitting on a cafe thinking about all the stuff that has to do my communication with spirits and all the background stuff and the -strange- conditions that lead me to the world of occult. Suddenly a song started from the speaker’s of the place. A song that was not aware and I never heard before. I thought to myself: “Ok lets Shazam” the song, thinking the very next millisecond “if Shazam discovers the songs, all your problems would be solved”, OK I know this is not the correct way of thinking but it was something like an “inside game / joke” with me and my thoughts lets say. Suddenly the title of the song appeared on the mobile screen “Lilith”.

I was shocked. I thought that this was a sign that Lilith wants me to talk to her. that very night I did an Enn trying to approaching her, thanking her for the sign and telling her my story.

The next day came and I was in the same cafe. I speak sincerely that I have totally forgot the previous day’s song -its melody etc-. So the same thing happened. I was on the same cafe, listened the same song -WITHOUT remembering its melody or my previous day listening experience with it-… So I opened Shazam… The same title again. “Lilith”.

I did another enn to the goddess. Thanking her and tried to communicate.

This very second day -or a day after- I read here on the forum that she often communicates through technology stuff letting her name pop up. That she is friendly and that we should approach her as equal to equal.

So what do you think?

ps. The main spirit I try to work with is Lucifer.

I believe you are correct. I listen to music streaming services quite a bit. If a song gets played frequently I pay attention to the lyrics. I don’t audibly hear spirits most of the times. They usually communicate through feelings or I hear them in my mind in a voice that is clearly not mine.