Belial and Latin?

So, I have been trying to remember and keep record of my dreams again lately. It’s a habit I used to be consistent with and it has always helped me to interpret symbolism from various sources. Recently, Belial has been using symbolism in my dreams, and last night after an invocation I asked him to come into my dreams again.

This particular dream had nothing to do with him about 90% of the way through, as far as I can remember. Just some events about hanging out with former friends and things of the like that didn’t stand out to me in particular, since I very commonly dream of those things. But the latter part involved me standing in front of a TV ( I dreamt about a TV before during a Belial-specific dream, and I remember seeing and hearing nothing from it and saying “all I see is a TV!” in frustration) and hearing a string of Latin words spoken in a deep voice. At that point in the dream, I understood that I needed to remember those words. But the only similar sounding words I can think of could possibly be “semper” and “tempora”. These are commonly heard, so they might just be my brain trying to come up with something that sounded like what I heard. I just don’t quite remember what they were.

My question is, does Belial sometimes use Latin when communicating a message?
The only way I can see that this is relative to what I communicated to him last night (that I want to work on being more open to messages and less impatient) is that maybe he is telling me that there is time enough for me to develop these abilities. I’m not sure.

Semper tempora=“Always time”

Interesting to say the least. In my experience, spirits usually communicate in the sorcerer’s tongue. That being said, I have experienced exceptions, including an egyptian deity speaking to me in Arabic (which was interesting to say the least). So, it is indeed possible in my eyes, especially if that other language triggers a sign of importance to the individual they are communicating with. And Belial is always full of surprises

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Thank you for your response. :slight_smile: yes, I will make note of that. It’s strange trying to learn how to interpret what comes to me, while at the same time trying to open myself up more. Sometimes messages come in bursts and other times it’s quiet. And I wonder if the silence is because I cannot hear him properly xD
Thank you again for reading :cherry_blossom:

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No worries at all. I love Latin so it is always nice to brush the dust off my old notes. As far as messages coming in bursts and then quiet at others can be a sign that your clairaudience needs to be worked on, but sometimes that is just how a spirit communicates as well. Then you have spirits like Amaymon and Lucifuge who may choose not to speak at all but communicate by events in your life. Much like human beings have multiple ways to communicate with each other (our voice, body language, physical features like reddening of ears or face and body odor, etc) spirits have multiple ways to “talk” to us as well. Not to mention the times when they decide to lurk behind so you figure out the solution for yourself.

Either way, keep practicing and don’t be discouraged by the odds and ends not being what you expect it to be. It’s all part of the learning process

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Yes I have also been trying to figure out what I’m best at as far as abilities go. I think the two most prominent so far are clairsentience and clairaudience. But I’m not very good at either. I know this is an unrelated question, but do you know any credible authors that have works about developing these abilities? It would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Atm, not off the top of my head. But I’ll reply back if anything comes to mind.

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Alright, thank you!

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when working with Belial he never comunicated to me or showed any sign, but he had helped me a lot with all I asked from him, generally when a spirit talks to me he does it with no words, just raw ideas direct to my mind, but the last evocation I did was Asmodai and he talked in a very clear spanish with a nice particular voice (spanish is my first language) so I guess it has to do with the message the are trying to give you


I am having a similar kind of experience with the lack of audible conversation. There have occasionally been phrases that come up in my mind that are so striking I do not think it comes from myself.
But as far as actually hearing him I think either I have not developed in this way yet, he does not want to communicate this way, or he wants me to be patient.
Thank you for your feedback ~

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