Belial - A very small journal from a Belial newbie

Belial taught me an awkward truth about contacting spirits or having telepathy with people.
If you don’t like their answer, and then you get them to say something along the lines of “well… okay…” That is usually the one to not take so seriously.

-Tough when you want to get them to agree to something different though.


This is so typical Belial.

This is so true. Also when you force a contact when the response didn’t come naturally, it could go bad or lead you to an impostor.


belial is a mighty king of under world , so you must guest and treat him like s mighty god, his energy is intens, he is black alchemist snd without a master, hailking blial

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dont give up , study more about his nature

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Just because nothing has happened for you yet, does not mean it won’t. I finally did my first invocation of Belial, and I will tell you he absolutely requires my action for me to get his assistance. Magick can work very quickly, this has happened to me, but usually it takes awhile to see solid results. Belial’s energy is very very strong, and it seems he expects my participation in order for the magick to work, anyways, hope this helps. :grin:

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Aren’t you supposed to use black dog hair and cat hair in the jar? To make them fight like cats and dogs?

When summoning Belial did you receive any visions from him, how did he appear to you?

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holy shit! :0

Pls expalin what s lucifer touch pls.

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