Belial a part of me?

So after becoming a ghost(going off the grid) I thanked belial truly and let him go. I’ve always had him the back of my mind and always wanted to keep working with him but some part of me wanted to seek out for new things on my own and see if I can handle it. I did and once I was knee deep in such worse shit, the thought of needing help from belial came to me. So I asked him and we went through it together, and now every time I think to myself or talk to myself in my mind I always hear an answer after every question I ask. Usually belial used to talk to me through my daily life like a radio song or someone saying belials answer. But now I feel like he’s in my mind, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but id like to know if there are any other ways to meet with him since I have a hard time either astral projecting or going into a trance state. One thing that does work for me is his sigil that I have rubbed blood all over.


Probably it’s time for you to do another Pathwork. Spirits come and go as they need/want it. That’s ok. Lots of people who say they have a patron spirit for a decade or more are deceit cause in most of the cases those are parasites who feed on them

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But how would I know it’s a “parasite” i mean I’ve always made sure to check wether it’s belials familiars and it is. I don’t feel anything different in the atmosphere if that’s what you mean.

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I am not the most powerful person and I dont claim to be but I have the ability of sensing spirits. I dont sense that you are possessed but I believe he is by your side. He is there to help you. You need to remove yourself from a current bad situation. Dont feel bad that you cant see him or hear him, you will be able to feel him

In my opinion time will prove if it is a parasite. Mammon helped me for two months straight and I made some money, out of the blue he decided to leave and even though I tried to bring him back he is not interested. I started working with another spirit and he seems to be helping me not only financially but also to unlock my magic which has been blocked for almost 3 years