Being visited by other spirits, lesser demons, etc

Is there such a thing as being visited by other entities, spirits, etc. unprompted? Those that might be lesser demons? Or not demons at all?

Sorry if that sounds like rambling. Sometimes, when things like the below happen to me, I am not sure if it’s an overactive imagination or a genuine connection. But I don’t know how I could just imagine some of this stuff. I guess it seems so surreal sometimes that I start to second guess things?

Also, is there a way to control how/when the energies can come to you? Like setting boundaries in regular relationship? I’m trying to create a healthy balance so that spirits don’t overtake my entire daily life. Like an “open for business” sign I can turn on and off for the spirit world.

And are there some good specific, qualifying questions that one should ask a spirit that comes to them at random?


For the past week or so, honestly I am not sure exactly how long this has been happening, I kept getting twitches in my right hip/buttock area and in my upper left shoulder/upper back area. Last night it got really irritating, and I actually said out loud, “Either show yourself or go away, but, for the love of Lucifer, stop tweaking at me!!!”

It went away, but it came back tonight as I was trying to fall asleep (notice I am not asleep now). The tweaking started again and then spread to both legs trembling. It reminds me of when a little kid is tugging at you and trying to get your attention. I focused my energy towards my third eye and asked, “What entity is here with me? Show me your name.”

At first there were a lot of scattered lines moving around all over the place. So I clarified, and said, “Show me your name, in letters, in my mind’s eye.”

The letters Steele came to my mind. However, in my thoughts the names came to me as Steele, Asteele, and Asteer. It was a male energy and was quite nervous. Right away I asked, “Steele, were you the one who was so mean to me the other night?”

He strongly denied it, and that seemed genuine. I asked him to show himself to me, and he was reluctant. I asked why, and he said that he was “truly hideous.” I said that’s alright, and that I would still like to see who I was communicating with. For a moment, a black form in the shape of a man flashed in my head. I couldn’t see everything, but his torso was covered in eyeballs, of all different shapes and sizes. Many, many… so many eyeballs. It looked like something Junji Ito would have drawn. He then fastened a black velvet cloak around his neck… which was odd because he was a shadow but I could see the cloak quite clearly. It was very old, like Victorian style, with a high neck and brass buttons, and it obscured his body completely. For a moment, his head turned into a relatively handsome (but pretty lifeless looking) man’s face with skin that was deathly porcelain white, blonde hair so pale that it was nearly white as well. His eyes were red and there was a reddish haze to his eyelids. Then his image disappeared.

I asked him why had he come to me. He said he was here to offer help to me. He told me that he could watch anyone, no matter where they were, and he could report back to me whatever I wanted to know. I asked him if I sent him to a specific person would he stay there all the time. He said yes, that he could attach himself to anyone. I asked him could he watch more than one person at all times. He said yes, of course, and seemed to find that amusing (on account of all the eyeballs, I guess?). He could also tell me their thoughts and feelings as well.

I asked him how would he report back to me if I wanted to work with him. I asked if he could send me visions or tell me in dreams. He said that he could, but then he began to draw a sigil in my mind. He said that I could use that to communicate with him again.

I asked him why he would do this for me. He mentioned a very specific situation (one I haven’t and won’t mention here), and said that it confirmed for him that I had a genuine capacity for loving people in a way that makes them feel unashamed for their true selves.

I asked him what did he want in return. At first, he said he wanted for nothing. I said that asking for nothing in return made me suspicious. He said that he wanted to help me because he wished to be loved like that.

I thanked Steele for finally introducing himself to me. I told him that he was not hideous to me and that, if we worked together, he would be welcome to show his true form to me anytime. I told him that I would think about what he had offered to me and told me. He seemed content and his energy left me. I got up, copied down the sigil, and wrote this post.


Yes. I use wards to avoid this, at least in my house, but you can still also get signs and invitations through the world. “Feeling called” is the way many people start working with entities.

I get eyes a lot with many spirits, especially angelics. (and some types of biblical angels are wheels covered in eyes) I figure it’s my subconscious telling me they “see me”, and are looking at me on multiple levels in many ways… I think it doesn’t actually mean they have a physical form with eyes all over it, it’s a metaphor. You know, poetry or symbolism, which is the language of the subconscious. The subconscious is sometimes called the right brain, so it thinks in terms of art not logic. (I don’t see them as having bodies or any form other than being basically balls of energy, so why would they want eyes anyway unless it’s about what eyes mean?)

Nice! Seems pretty free of the usual red flags and an interesting proposition. Can’t wait to her how it goes. The one entity that did this to me I attacked and drove off, and I kind of regret it now. It wasn’t necessary just me being in a certain place at the time. So I do think this kind of thing can happen and work out.

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I have written some more information about Steele in my journal after he answered some more things for me yesterday morning.

He seems very straightforward and trustworthy.

The eyeballs are both a metaphor and real. A metaphor that he can see many all at once. But also real in the sense that they are real, functioning human eyeballs embedded in his “form.” They move, blink, cry, etc. I got a sense that they can be quite painful… but that might also just me sensing his pain because he considers himself to be so hideous and vile.

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I don’t think we have a post the consolidates all of them, but if you’re familiar with the collection of tutorials around them (among others) you’ll see the same issues coming up again and again.

Off the top of my head:

  1. Flattery (Think Wormtongue from LoTR, but also insincere, sarcastic or over the top bombastic: particularly telling you that you are a prince of hell, some big name’s son/wife/spechul snowflake/better than everyone else or generally feeding into your natural narcissistic traits)
  2. Claiming to be a well known powerful figure (and you may not have even called that entity)
  3. Big promises, but…
  4. Failure to follow through or make do on those promises
  5. Threats and demeaning behaviour
  6. Refusal to respect boundaries
  7. Gaslighting (e.g., “you didn’t set those bounaries/that’s not what you meant I can see your soul” (you totally did and meant it) )
  8. Claiming it can hurt you directly if you don’t comply
  9. Feeling drained, low, anxious, feeling dread, (signs of psychic attack and/or vampiric feeding)
  10. Feeling misunderstood and isolated (it will attempt to psychologically and energeticaly block you from seeking help and listening to others, kind of like what happens in cults, which are also parasitic entities feeding on you but attached to an organisation to facilitate infection of multiple people)

If all of these experiences align, including multiple unusual encounters with members of this group, there was one dream where a distinct demonic entity that spoke with a mix of voices appeared. Throughout the dream, there were other scenes in which a different woman seemed to be in spiritual distress. This particular dream occurred after I energetically confronted an individual from the group. Although we didn’t communicate directly, the intensity of my emotions and spoken words at home might have emitted some energy wave. I’m uncertain whether I was summoned to observe the hidden workings of the forces that operate through these individuals that I called forth by my voice, or whether it was a psychic attack directed at me, or perhaps even a combination of both.

This was a weak ago. I’ve been feeling fatigued and some headaches, but nothing worse.

sorry… are its fine to ask my gf work with rimmon

I don’t see why not? Rimmon is an ancient god of Syria who they called Baal (lord) is on the same level imo as Belial, Hadid, Zebul, and probably very interesting to work with.


thanks a lot