Being linked to another's emotions expierence

Hey everyone

I just got finished invoking Dutchess Gremory, & I was linked to another persons emotions. I never had this happen before & I didn’t think this was even possible!! I felt everything this person felt, as if they were my own emotions!! It was like I was this person for a minute.

I know that they weren’t my emotions, & their feelings aren’t with me anymore but still it was pretty freaky, but makes me feel really powerful as well…

Has this happened to any of you before??

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Yes it can happen and is a really trippy experience it can be difficult separating your experience from theirs. It takes practice and the ability to take a step back from the situation and look at it logically or with a different perspective to get the most out of it.

All I’m saying is yes I’ve experienced it you’re not alone

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It took me a minute to step back after it happened to realize what happened, but Dutchess Gremory did tell me it was the other person’s feelings I was expierence…I felt safe though too at the same time…I really appreciate you saying that though, it freaked me out…I didn’t think I was that powerful yet!!

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I’m permanently linked to someone else’s emotions. It’s not always that fun as it sounds. Especially because after some point you’re uncertain anymore who’s emotions you’re experiencing. That can be very very tricky and even life threatening.


I’m so sorry to hear that :pensive::pensive:I couldn’t imagine what that must be like to have it all the time!!

I can imagine how you felt !
I seem to be linked to someone as well. I said seem cause I never did anything to provoke this, started before I begin to practice magick although I have my own theory as to why it’s thay way.

But anyway it is really disturbing ! Especially the first few times because you might be doing something random and suddenly feel extreme anger or happiness or whatever the other person is currently feeling. And you know these feelings aren’t yours cause it’s out of context with what you’re doing at the moment.
Very weird stuff :sweat_smile:

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It really is weird!! I’m lucky that it was only a temporary link!! I couldn’t imagine what it would be like being permanently linked to someone!!

Did you know who you were linked too??

Most everyday. Sometimes it’s random people. Sometimes it’s people I know well and aren’t with. Sometimes I know exactly who it is. Sometimes I just don’t. Sometimes I don’t even realize it’s someone else’s emotions, because it’s overwhelming and feels like it’s me.


Is that hard to handle??

It has been for like…30-32 of my 34 years.

I found at a young age it was easier to shut down all emotions than it was to figure out what was going on. But this leads to just being a shell of person who doesn’t even know what they want. I don’t recommend it long term.

The trouble with this is it’s caused me to alienate myself in way from others. I keep things distant always. I’ve been known to refrain from using people’s names even though I knew them, simply to lessen how close they can become to me.

I can relate to everyone because I can truly feel what they do. No one can relate to me because they simply can’t. (Exaggeration a bit but it’s how I’ve felt most of my life.) I’ve always been great with advice and problem solving because I can get into peoples heads.

Sometimes I know things I can’t know to go along with it. Like how things got to where they were or what was about to happen.

The biggest aide was leaving my toxic home. Suddenly I was much less muddled and able to sift through all this better. I still keep people at a distance, turns out I just don’t like stupid people, I’m blunt, open and honest and it’s hard for a lot of people to take. Knowing myself and what I truly desire ( despite whatever I’ll let people think about what I want and where I am) has made it easier to determine when emotions are not mine.

I think the most astounding thing however was when I discovered I not only could feel other people shit but that I could push mine willingly onto someone. The most outstanding case of this to date was the first accidental occurrence.

I had just left home. I rolled my truck three times in snow and totaled it. My best friend drove 13 hours to help me out but then he turned into a mega jerk. I ended up in a homeless shelter. I was hyperventilating, wtf do I do. Another lady came up to me and touched my arm and I just was like. “Not now. I’m not this weak, I’m not having this asthma attack. Next thing I knew she was clutching her chest and screaming at me wtf was I doing to her. I think I stood there just kinda baffled for a few minutes.

Now I feel like I can control the outflow almost completely. The inflow can be murky but it it’s manageable. I shield and filter a lot of it simply away, into the ground, don’t even stop to let me see you. Sometimes it’s I can’t filter it away though.

When I can’t get rid of it I analyze it. I distance myself enough to determine what it is I’m feeling. I go through the list of who is close enough to me to affect me remotely like thst. Usually it comes down to my roommate, my daughter or the boyfriend. Sometimes I’ve been able to determine its the ex best friend even.

At first I truly thought I was nuts. Months of experimenting and question has taught me if I pause and work through it like thst… the source always turns up. Usually they reach for me later in the day.

Instance for example was one day about two months ago I felt overwhelming sorrow. The only thing I could label it was … the greatest sorrow of someone’s lifetime. Talked to the boyfriend. Checked the daughter. Determined it had to be my roommate. She’s lost three children and two in the last four years. She was working at the time but when she came home she relayed how someone had triggered her emotions and she’d been unable to reign them in.

Somehow that touched me. 25 miles away in our home while she was working. No one was here but my wannabe-dog cat.

Lots of research and study had lead me to the common names and labels for people like me. I think I’ve read every book on empaths on amazon. It’s not really helped me learn to control it. To be honest shielding helps but doesn’t remove the sensitivity.

Most books don’t address how to transmute the energy or affect others remotely. They do address using it to get in peoples heads but hell. I’ve always had a knack for that. The next steps were what I sought.

I feel like I found them. For me least at. It’s been more on my own, with experience and experimentation that has lead me to be able to control myself better with both the inflow and the out. The biggest breakthrough was realized it’s ok to be human. It’s ok to have feelings of my own even if I can tell no one else can comprehend them. See if I can feel what your feeling, then I can know if you get it or not. I’ve learned it’s ok feel that way sometimes. Boyfriend helps. Really he does. He’s learning enrgy work, so if I’m down he is actually able to do some of what I do for others.

Accepting me for me… priceless. Keeping myself grounded… also thanks to the boyfriends aide has helped tons here. Learning to expel the extra energy and balance myself.

Gosh Idr what the point was now. Oops guess that means I must be done here.

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Guess I’m saying I’ve been to the point thst some of us get lost. I almost got lost. i was on the edge and could sense it. Knew I wasn’t far from where my mother came out schizophrenic because she couldn’t deal with it, didn’t know how to. Forums like this didn’t exist 25 years ago. People to help and teach would have been far and few between, even if she’d known to seek them. I’ve come out the other side, not crazy but certainly more aware and more able to perceive than many.

Honestly after lurking on this forum and then eventually joining last year… I think we give each other a false sense of security. I thought it would take me years to get there, many report they it does. yet I faced the insanity pretty early on.

The other thing is. I’ve worked with the Goetia. I’ve worked with the infernal. I kept thinking what’s next. I researched, I pondered.

I wasn’t sure despite getting pretty clear signs. Finally it all added up into a go here next.

I started looking back at profiles of the people I believe are real on here. Reading their old post and realized that most of them have been through what I have at some point and also learned to tackle the insanity and stay real.

The baffling part was everyone one of them have taken the road I choose for next. I guess I got to the same conclusion they did just a different route. I know the next portion of my practice is just another step. Idk where that step will lead but it’s just a step.