Being homeless poor calling demons for help

Draw Belial’s sigil on a piece of paper, open it, ask for his help, and carry it everywhere with you as you do everything you can to change your situation.

Also - Financial Problems? Get Money With Magick - Layered money/wealth spell


I was homeless three times in the last 5 years, but still did magical workings to help myself, mainly opening sigils and petitioning spirits for help. I still had access to paper, pens and meditation.

I also swore an oath to the universe that I would walk the path of Ascension no matter what, which might not have been a smart thing to do because, well, the universe remembers such things.

I second @anon20147451 's recommendation of Belial. He helped me a lot.


I was living in my car last year when I started reading this forum - CLAUNECK


What you’d want to do is work on your charisma, or ability to charm. This is your gateway builder to success.


This system may be helpful. You only need your will, imagination and emotions to make this work :

Do these steps once or 3 times EVERY day, 10 to 15 minutes for each session, until you get what you want.

Step One , Decide what you want, write it down in present form, for example “I have just received $5,000”

Step Two , Get into Alpha state, you don’t need TGS here. Clear your mind and relax your body… and visualize yourself doing what you would be doing AFTER you get what you want. For example, how you would use those $5,000 ? What would change in your life if you had that amount of money? This specific way of doing visualization is based on Neville Goddard technique that @Zyazazu talked about. Don’t visualize yourself having what you want, for example, counting money!.. The trick is to go a step further after you got what you want and visualize what you would be doing, focus on your EMOTIONS more than how clear the visualization is, but try to make it as clear as possible while keeping the relaxed alpha state. Don’t daydream, don’t watch it like a movie in your mind. LIVE what you visualize. Use at least one sense plus your vision. Taste, smell, touch, hearing… anything that works best with your visualized event.

Step Three. Forget about it. If you can’t, then always remember the first step and whenever you see an opportunity to create that desired change, take it. This could be an offer you get or a simple idea or a feeling that came out of nowhere, or a vision while you’re sleeping. The universe - or spirits, Gods etc - will use you the same way they use anything else to create that change.

This is almost 100% guaranteed to work. Try it yourself with or without any other method.

Additional optional ideas :

  • Create a sigil for the statement of intent. And get into TGS state while gazing at the sigil. When you’re in this state … start visualizing as in “Step Two”.
  • Instead of using the above sigil of intent, use a sigil of a demon.
  • Whatever sigil you choose ( sigil of intent, or demon ) use that sigil with a candle, green or white for money or finance, use the candle to focus and enter TGS while looking at the flame and body of the candle, make sure that you can see the sigil. Repeat “Step Two” and after you’re done, keep the candle burning until it’s finished and you can also burn the sigil and throw the ashes in the wind or in a natural water source or bury it in the ground etc, don’t throw it in the trash or toilet or similar places to avoid negative results. If you’re using demon’s sigil, don’t burn it… just keep it and use it until you get what you want. Then you can cut it to little pieces and throw it in the wind or in a natural water source or bury it in the ground.

^^^^I highly suggest you try this. I gave someone an almost identical course of action to follow recently and he tells me the results are ongoing and successful; I’m not surprised, because I use this method too. Good luck.


I have a book called archangels of magic by Damon brand. I have used the crisis magic ritual with GREAT results. This can help you as well.


Not glad about your suffering of course, nobody wants to be homeless.
But I was glad to read what you’ve shared 'cause it wasn’t the first time I felt a connection to you.
I went and am still going through not the same but similar situations.

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Law of attraction came from a book called Think and Grow Rich. You can download it for free make sure its the original 1937 version. YouTube has it on there as an audio book too.

I appreciate the sentiment, thanks. I was recently burned out of my home so I am back to a similar situation, though at the moment I am staying at a friend’s vacant house for a month or two until I can find a new place of my own.


@DarkestKnight do you need help?
Me and (I think) others would like to help you if we could.
Are you OK?

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I am fine. I appreciate your concern though.

I managed to get to crash in a room at a friend’s place, thanks to the Friends With Benefits group, as well as a another good friend who spookified on my behalf. The room really did appear out of nowhere, as the guy who offered it I haven’t seen in close to 10 years so I don’t think it can be chalked up to anything but magick.

Now, I have to rebuild my life.


Why not start doing readings and stuff for pay? You know the rules on here, you can have links in your profile. :+1:


I should join a group like this - “friends with benefits” - lol!

I don’t consider the current people I have in my life real friends. More like acquaintances, You are lucky!

I was going to ask you exactly that - what did the spirits say to you? I was wondering who has shown up to talk to you about that, like Azazel, Belial, who?

If you need help I’ll gladly send you some prosperity energy and invite the others in here to do so. You’ve helped quite a lot and inspired my practice.

Wishing you the best

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I never thought of that, @Lady_Eva, though, to be honest, I don’t think my skills are good enough.

@beautiful-eternity the FWB group is a group on the forum that does magick for each other. It is usually coordinated by one person, and then others sign up, and each person does magick for the others. The current iteration is being coordinated by @N.M.Ginnarr. There will most likely be another in the near future, if someone decides to take on the task of coordinating it.

I have one really good friend who has some powerful personalized spooky (the term he uses for magick). He broke a curse that was sent against me with it last year and he again used it for me after the fire so his spooky plus the power of the FWB group popped up something out of the blue.

No spirits have shown up to me on their own, and I think it is because of my shield. They have to be invited in, which is why I don’t get the unasked for visitations that others do.


You may find it’s easier to read for others than yourself, less attachment of any kind… anyway you know of a rather good forum where people offer free readings in exchange for feedback, I believe? :smiley:


I spent a few years in the homeless system becoming a mystic. I spent that time shedding my old life and being taught the skills I have now. 4.5 years total. It was kind of an unconscious process though, at the beginning at least. I got married to Satan there. I inherited it astrologically from terrifying people I lived with. (They were insane, and their spirit contacts didn’t really belong to them.)

Hello friend, I wish you the best in navigating through your situation. Trust in the spirits and trust in your power and you will be ok. I know money is likely a very big focus for you right now, but you may find it helpful to direct your thoughts elsewhere. Desperation for a result chokes magick, especially when it comes to money.

Rather than thinking about the cash, think about what you actually need. Don’t think about getting money for shelter. Simply manifest shelter, food, security, whatever you need. Ensure that your immediate needs are fulfilled, and gradually work towards a long-term increase in your situation. Hard to do when you just need your next meal, I know, but you will find your way out of this situation if you allow yourself to be guided to prosperity.

Another thing, if you have any spare money at all, leave it somewhere it will be found. Leave a note with it saying something like, “Please enjoy this small gift. Buy yourself something nice :)” Don’t let anyone see you do this, and don’t wait around to see who finds it. As you release the money, feel glad knowing that you have shared the gift of a surprising pleasure with another. If you can feel happy and grateful while releasing money, more will flow through you.

For those who are in more fortunate circumstances than this, I ask that you share some of the benefits of your next money spell with a homeless individual, or someone else in great need. It’s great if you know someone personally, if not then you can just request that the magick goes to “someone who needs it most.” I’m witnessing someone I know who has been homeless for a long time get a stable job and meet another who regularly helps him, and it brings me such joy to see him lifted up from such a helpless state.

What sort of God does not care for their people who need them most. Remember a time when a spirit you are close with helped you out of a desperate situation, at a time when you were still weak. Be like your spirits, and become a savior for another.

It is the duty of the King and Queen to bring Justice and Prosperity to their people. Such is the responsibility of the powerful. Do you merely play at being God, or shall you embrace your majesty and don your crown? This choice is yours to make. I know I have made mine.