Being from the Fruit of Life?

Hello. I had an experience like 6 hours ago. Firstly I woke up from a dream, then I wanted to astral travel/soul travel so in my mind I was chanting some words that i read from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth that was supposed to help me with that.
Next thing I remember I was in some kind of woods - it was hyper-realistic quality.
I knew that I was not awake in the physical, so I wanted to fly up towards the magnetic sphere to chant some other words that were supposed to make me in the astral/realm for 6 hours. The trees were extremely tall, like kilometers, it was like a jungle with vines and moss on the trees, quite beautiful. I couldn’t fly all the way up so i chanted the words anyways. And all of a sudden I was on a beach, next to the jungle/forest. In the water I could see a row-boat made of wood and on the beach were a young woman, we walked towards the boat, sat in and rowed towards the tip of where the jungle/forest was. She then asked me where I was from and I told her I was from the physical. she said “Your projecting from there?”. I said " Yes, so I don’t know how long I can stay here". I then asked her where she was from and she said: “I’m from the fruit of life”. Somehow I got into the jungle again and I was really high up in the trees, with someone. We found some objects and stuffs that was once belonged to someone, and there was a girl from my physical life there - we talked and caught up since its been a while since we met, I think it kinda turned into a dreamlike state at that point since she was there. Anyways the time was really strange there, and it’s kinda hard to know exactly in what order these events happent. Does anyone know what she meant when she said she was from the fruit of life?


Do you happen to be around Oregon? Somewhat matches the description of a realm I found overlapping Oregon except instead of going up I went down underneath it into some caverns and an underground ocean.

By fruit of life I believe she is talking about a specific inner piece of the golden flower or flower of life. It deals heavily with sacred geometry which Atlantians used for absolutely everything so it makes sense it would be in the tablets.


Hey thanks for reply. I dont live in America i live in Norway. I know what the fruit of life looks like but she told me she actully came from there. I have no idea about that lol. there are 13 circles and what if all those circles is dimensions, then i did not get an exact answer i was looking for xD

Well the flower of life embodies all reality in both space, time, dimensions, and concepts and forces. So she could be referring to the direct powers she belongs too. Any spirit can probably name some part of the golden flower as its point of origin either in dimension or force as to whether we will recognize the name or not might depend more on our interpretation and knowledge.

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I know this thread is ancient but the flower of life is incomplete, the fruit of life is the ‘extended/complete’ article. (I watched a video on it today)

Anyway here is the fruit of life.