Being broke does have benefits

Not a lot, but things we can do, tool free magic, candle free magic, scent free magic, psychic exercises, invocations enn chanting, reproducing sigils, reading, meditating, drawing our own tarot cards, using flour or salt as a circle, etc.

These can do quite a bit and are free.


Like a god being man understanding weakness?

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More like a god being man understanding the amount of things man can do without money, however also understanding money is necessary, not for weakness per se, but to buy magic supplies and a hassle free home. If any of that is weakness, I dont see how or why.

Money is neutral.

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It is good to build up your skill without tools. Focus as much on becoming good at magick without tools or as little tools as possible (for example, simply using a sigil on your phone, or even drawing it in the dirt or carving it on a rock). Then, when you do use tools, you have a better understanding and can use your tools to empower yourself in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Chaos Magicians and such will say tools are not necessary at all, and it’s true that it’s not necessary to do great things, however this mindset largely comes from a viewpoint that views everything as dead-matter. There is great use to the right tools.


Agree @Dankquanicus … money is just by and large an annoyance personally, but the important point is that we should be able to do magic when we dont have money or supplies.


Very true. In the Geomantic tradition, Geomancy even has a connection to that. In one of the legends, Idris was praying to his god for a method to make a living from day to day. Some time later, he was outside making doodles in the sand, and a man came up to him, and was surprised by the image that Idris had drawn. The man asked him if he knew the significance of the image he had just drawn, and Idris said he was just drawing idly. The man told him that it was no ordinary image that he had just drawn, and explained the meaning of the image to Idris. Then he asked Idris to draw another, and so Idris drew another, and the man explained to him the meaning of that image. And so they continued until they arrived at 16 images. These images were indeed no ordinary figures, as they were the 16 Geomantic figures!

The man then revealed himself to actually be the Angel Gabriel, and he had come to reveal to Idris what he had asked in his prayer. Idris turned his head, and when he looked back, the man had vanished.

Back in those days, it was very expensive to learn and practice astrology, there was a need for a good divination system that can be practiced by the less fortunate. And so came Geomancy, a divination system almost without Equal, except for Astrology which it is also based on. It can be done with just about anything at hand, almost anywhere you may be.


I mean, this is true. But even when I was living in a camper trailer, foraging the woods for edible plants just to be able to eat, I still had tools. A good stick with some half way decent knife work creates a wand. Gathered rocks and a marker makes for runes. Gathered bundles of pine needles for incense and smoke cleansing. And an old stump in the forest for an altar.


Slate chips make excellent blades. You can also sleep on pine needles.

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Being broke teaches you how to be resourceful and make the most of what you do have.

I was broke for awhile and I found that with an attitude of gratitude the universe gradually added more and more into my life until one day things were totally different for me.

I look back at those as “character building years”


The ant or objects and/or organisms so small you can’t see.

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Do a goddamn money ritual man that’s embarrassing making tarot cards come on
You have a poverty mindset you’re wasting your time doing silly things to save money instead invest your energy in ways you can create wealth and well-being.


Sure you can do certain types of magic without tools but it’s a lot more fun when you use stuff and more powerful
That’s what turned me off of hermetism I was talking to this one guy online we agreed a lot about magic and different things and I was trying to get him to join with me so we could make money together I wanted him to like promote things and I would pay him and I was even thinking about maybe starting some type of website he had no interest would rather stay home less than take the one hand reaching out to help him this deeply offended me fuck that guy
Stupid bum

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If you don’t have the tools to do a proper blood sacrifice your magic is going to be severely limited if you’re resourceful you could create a lot of magic tools out of stuff you can find bones sticks Stones leather Etc I plan on making really unique ritual gear
I really love making things

@KnowingtheSource @BlazRa … think you missed the point.

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A little off point but back to when we were speaking on weakness. I threw the comment about ants in because of the richness in things that seem small/weak.


Then you are on point!

No I get your point I’ve been very broke and it is nice to be resourceful and create things like I do when I make my liquid fertilizers instead of buying artificial crap that’s overpriced and not as good

But I meant when I said about the poverty mindset a lot of people will look at life from the perspective of being poor just because they’re currently broke wasting a lot of time thinking about ways to save money instead of thinking of ways to you know start businesses and make good Investments and what not

My whole life got turned upside down because of a bull crap traffic ticket that I forgot about which ended up taking my license and causing me to not be able to do the job I was doing
so I had to create a business that I can do nearby because I’m not about to go work at McDonald’s I worked there for a little bit almost got into a fist fight I’m better than Mickey Dees

And u r too !
Reach for the Stars brother!

“Manifest dreams your third eye sight all is possible on this moonlit night”
that’s actually a line from one of my songs


The universe isn’t conscious it’s just the space where stuff is you were probably Guided by a higher Spirit or maybe even an ancestor or could be a combination
You don’t have to summon a spirit for it to take an interest in you


Appreciate it all bro.