Being a magickal parent

[quote=“tmbenjamin, post:1, topic:5248”]Hello,

On your Facebook page I had posted a question concerning how you raise your daughter with magic and any suggestions concerning raising children with magic and the occult. I assume you were going to answer the question on YouTube due to the title of one of the videos however the question was never actually answered.

Would you be so kind as to answer my inquiry on your view of raising magical children? Thank you!

Warm blessings,

I was just logging on to ask a similar question,so I believe I can put it in here as well,as it ties very well.

While we have heard you talk about your daughter a few times,we still have yet to hear the full story about how her,so while I’m not asking you,EA Koetting,to detail everything about how you conceived and raised your child,I am nonetheless interested in hearing what you have to say on her.

And my follow up question(to the question that wasn’t formulated in a questionary manner) is how has she helped you in your magickal development thus far?

Thanks in advance.