Beginning with Azazel

Well, now after having ended my Pact with Azazel, I now am hoping to begin to open a Door, and Invite Azazel in for discussion and hoping that he will be as amenable to assisting me in Rebuilding my life as Belial was.
For me pretty much all things are new and the old (most of it) is far away and its cooling ashes are being blown into oblivion by the winds of New Destiny. I am also beginning a new business- in hopes to put into the grave the past 54 years of chains of poverty and bad decisions. Sincerely hoping Azazel will assist me in Remaking me, and Remaking the Path I have trod, instead of dragging the weights of hells and karma of the past given to me by my forebears; now I will determine the path and its outcomes and yields.
I will re-read Book of Azazel- in hopes of being able to invite him into my chambers. I also invite anyone who has wize and worthy experiance to share with me in any way where bringing him into my life is concerned. As it is, I still have a slowly dying wife, and alot of heavy load to carry, but hoping that my new business efforts can buy me some of the slack I need to build according to my Will.