Beginning with automatic writing/story telling

Some people struggle with automatic writing. I want to give you some basics that you can use to learn this technique.
This technique i display here is used to contact a dead relative

  • Relax, breath in and out and close your eyes. First meditate a bit. Se a white light coming from your Solar Plexus (above your stomach) entering your hole body, legs arms head.
    Then after 5 minutes with your eyes closed imagine a light coming from the universe far away. This light comes closer and closer till it enters your crown and once again goes through your whole body. You’re connected to the universe.
  • Think of a person or spirit you want to do the writing about
  • Let’s say Andre (me) has died and gone to the spirit world and we would like to contact him
  • Think of Andre and ask the Gatekeeper of Heaven to open the door and let Andre through (this isn’t even neccesary), you can ask your guides too. Or just set the intend that you want to feel and talk to Andre.
  • Write his name down and think of him, connect with him and for every letter in his name find a word.
    These words are coming up just by thinking of him, connecting to him, feeling him and these words will tell you something about him.
A n d r e
n i a i n
g c r n l
e e k g i
l g

Story telling:
Now look at this example, what tells you this about me

  • I work with Angels
  • Nice guy (sometimes)
  • Dark, white and black magick. Both paths or Daemons
  • I’ve got a ring from my gran dad
  • I’ve ascended spiritual in life

Now as someone who is spiritual you can easily build on this.

People here work with Daemons and Angels.

  • Meditate with a Daemon who can tell the future, write your name down and see what comes up.
    Write the word future or past down and see what comes up in the letters.
  • Let’s say you want clearance about a question, ask the spirit and write down ‘House’, ‘Job’, ‘work’, ‘Money’ and do the same.

Try and expand and the more you practice the better you get.

Let’s give you one more tip. Most people close their eyes and focus on scrying, what they see.
But never forget, many people feel. So please use what you feel to and write it down too.
Focus on seeing, hearing, feeling

One time I did a reading and I saw the person that died, but I didn’t see much after that, a living room, nothing more. I think it was a memory.
So when I focused on my feeling I felt someone who couldn’t breath anymore, I had trouble breathing. Now the person died of suffocation.
So my feeling was correct.

The more you build on this, the more you learn to trust on what you get from the spirtual world.
When you practice enough you don’t need a word anymore you just write down what you get.


Thank you, I use same system and helpmed me a lot especially when I am giving tarot reading or divination. It is a bliss

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Omg! Thank you so much! I felt bit dizzy doing this. I don’t know if I was successful.

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You are all welcome!

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That another thing you have to trust yourself. It could be that I do this for another person to make contact with a deceased family member and they recognize 2 or 3 things. But that other person cannot always know everything in the life of a deceased one.

Same goes if you do this with a spirit. Something can come up and you don’t know what it means at this moment. At a later stage it will come.

So don’t doubt yourself, if you set he intend a connection will be made @PriestofAmon

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I do try to trust myself. Thank you for the encouragement. :slight_smile:

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