Beginning to invoke entities. Requesting advice

So I have decided to go against my teacher’s advice lately and have begun to invoke entities. However, I have done nothing to properly protect myself. I do not know what to do to properly defend myself. If anybody has any advice on the matter, I would welcome it.

Yesterday, I invoked Thor, put a rune onto a hammer that I would walk around with (pissing off my parents and freaking out my neighbours) and later, I evoked Thor, Tyr, Odin and Loki, quickly looking up how to offer libations and going according to my best understanding. I poured 2 bottles worth of Corona beer into sake cups and shotglasses between us, after drawing their runes with names onto notepads and placing the sake cups and shotglasses on them. I also left a plate of steak and potatoes for them. I didn’t have enough to make multiple plates. I used the hammer with the Thurisaz rune for Thor. I then introduced myself and told them I wanted to work with them and that I intend to get in shape and make myself worthy of a waiver to join the United States Marine Corps asking for their help becoming a badass exemplary Marine and getting past the issue of my medical records threatening to ruin my entry or boot me when I DO join. I was nervous and apologized for it, stating that I had never conversed with gods before, nor evoked any or done libations. I would pour more beer until we had gone through 2 bottles and then when I felt sleepy, I put their runes onto a piece of paper I had thoroughly charged with sexual fluids and folded into 8ths. I have since added the sigil of Astarte (Astaroth) and Apollo (Abbadon) today. I took the beer and the plate of steak and potatoes and dumped it all into the base of a tree in front of my house. I the went to sleep with my sigils and the hammer, asking to keep the portals of energy open. I carry the sigils and sometimes the paper around with me.

I have made a ritual based off of a story I read about an Estonian kickboxer who used to be an inmate in prison for being an overzealous viking dude (not sure what exactly, but I am guessing it was violent and non-predatory). He was young and good looking so he had to fight off predators and began using a piece of cardboard with Thor’s Thurisaz rune drawn onto it. He would sit on his bunk holding it and say “I am now inhaling the power, strength and fighting ability of Thor into every cell in my body” and then inhale for 15 minutes, 3 times a day. He developed a weight routine in his cell, got stronger, became more badass, sought out his predators, earned 5 years in solitary, kept his practice up, got out, became a champion kickboxer, kicked Chuck Norris’s ass so badly as to make him quit contact sports and go to Hollywood, and lived badassly ever after.

\m/ Fuck yeah! \m/

Based on this simple routine, I developed a routine with the sheet of paper with the runes and sigils on it. I say something similar and inhale like the Estonian did.

Here is what I say so far:

" I am now inhaling…

The Divine Masculinity, Power, physical vitality, Strength, Athleticism, Warrior Essence, the toughness, and Fighting ability of the God Thor

The Divine Masculinity, Courage, The cunning, Capacity to Enforce Justice, the deep sense of responsibility, tendency towards victory, tactical ability, leadership ability, strategy, warrior essence, valour, indominable spirit, maturity, antifragility, fighting ability, grit and determi1nation and the toughness of the God Tyr

The Divine Femininity, Beauty, Charm, Glamour, Prosperity, Luxury, Romantic and Sexual Attractiveness, Fertility and Warrior Essence of the Goddess Astarte

The beauty, glamour, the attractive voice, the creativity, talent, the capacity for forgiveness, the deep sense of and commitment to justice, the fairness, the boldness, the compassion, the healing abilities, the appreciation of luxury and music, the discernment of and commitment to the truth, marksmanship, prosperity, luxury and communicative abilities of the God Apollo

The cunning, wisdom, toughness, the maturity, Divine Masculinity and warrior essence of the God Odin

And the magical adeptness and shapeshifting ability of the God Loki

…into every cell in my body"

I have room for a couple more runes and a few more sigils.

I am thinking of adding these:

" The prosperity of the Demon Bune

The strength, mental acuity, knowledge, will power, intelligence, skill, warrior essence, prosperity, luck, power, and sexual and romantic attractiveness of the Demon Asmodeus.


The wisdom, brilliance, knowledge, intellect and creativity of the Goddess Athena"

But Bune and Asmodeus’s sigils are a pain in the ass to draw and I can’t find any conaistency as to what to use as a sigil for Athena. If she had a demonic counterpart I knew of, like Astarte amd Apollo, I’d use that, but I do not know currently.

I am looking for feedback and advice regarding my current endeavors.

I have high ambitions and aspirations. I am hoping these entities can help me with them.

Please give me whatever feedback you think is helpful. Also, I’d like to thank the people of this forum for all the amazing help I’ve gotten as I have read mote and more threads on the site.

Thank you to Lady Eva and C. Kendall especially, as well as anybody who was involved with the Astarte Sex Slave threads, as I totally have the intention of making use of all your udeas for my own ends. The Astarte ritual in particular sounds like it can be used to great self healing benefit if I just eat the apple at the end. So thanks to whoever came up with that.

Anyway, thanks in advance.



u can use her name written on greek, or an owl, or an olive tree branch

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That works? Thanks!

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