Beginning of an Eternal Journey

So this post really has no meaning just starting this journal to track progress and hopefully have some sense of accountability for staying on my path.

I began meditating with mantras and enns playing in the background and have already found progress after 3 sessions. My endurance during meditation has increased from 10 mins on my first session (was a strain too) to my latest session easily passing 25 minutes. I have began to visualize objects in my mind’s eye. Mainly, I’ve only seen circles, some light swooshing by and what looks like a flame in the far distance.

Nonetheless, I am very pleased and motivated to awaken my spiritual senses and from there begin to practice rituals for about a year or more before actually trying to work with any kind of entity. If you have tips to help me SAFELY awaken my senses and help me boost my powers, I’d welcome them gladly