Beginning invocation without banishing

I haven’t started banishing rituals yet. Is it safe to doing invocation an Angel or Demon without banishing ?

Or at least how much I should do banishing before doing an invocation ?


To be honest, no, it is not safe. The purpose of traditional invocation is to take on the qualities and traits of the spirit in question. Banishing is recommended both before and after because you are taking foreign energy/consciousness into the body so you need to clear the area so that is all you take in, and when you’re finished, you need to expel that energy.

However, there are some methods of invocation, like those in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick, that are pretty safe because the sigils used are designed to limit the invocation to the specific quality you are seeking to take on.

What method were you thinking of using?


I dont know the main difference between evocation and invocation. I know as, invocation is calling a greater spirit, evocation is forcing the inferior spirits and thats all

And how much should I do for being ready before evocation or invocation ? Thanks

Invocation is generally defined as calling a spirit into yourself, so that you can take on its qualities. It’s not possession per se, as you don’t lose consciousness or control over yourself, but is a way to add the characteristics of the spirit to you. Any spirit can be invoked, though traditionally, it’s been angels and/or gods, as demons were considered untrustworthy. The Golden Dawn practice of Assumption of Godforms is a classic example of invocation.

Evocation is defined as the summoning of a spirit to physical appearance. It has nothing to do with greater or inferior anything as any spirit can be evoked.

Note that modern religious demonolators define invocation differently. To them, invocation is basically a sort of invitation to the demon to come over for a visit, and evocation is seen as an offensive, gun to the head, forceful summoning. However, their redefining of the word is not the standard definition in most magical circles.

The main requirement for either is the ability to communicate with the spirit, so trancework, meditation, and energy work should be practiced if you want to get anything out of them.


Thanks for answer. I mean, how much banishing should I do

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Practice it once a day for a week at minimum before you try summoning anything. Most banishing depends on the ability to manipulate energy to clear an area, and that takes practice.


I was gonna tell you a month of banishing before you try to invoke or evoke but I’d agree with a minimum of one week. Good luck. You’re doing the hardest part now. Getting out of the armchair and actually doing it.:racehorse::tophat:


I’d like to start by respectfully saying that summoning beings like angels and demons is called “evocation”, not “invocation”.
And no, you can’t summon one without banishing as it’s unsafe and may attract some unwanted spirits into your life.
Even whoever you’ve evoked wouldn’t be too happy with you.

Hey, sorry for being late (maybe your problem has already been solved). When I was a very very beginner I also don’t care about banishings, because the only banishing that I knew was the Golden Dawn method (which is kinda complicate to do in a tight apartment bedroom). Nothing terrible happens to me, but I also don’t achieved results. When I knew a banishing in Youtube (which is just visualization and speaking words without all paraphernalia of Golden Dawn) the results start to appear.

Even here in BALG there’s multiple banishings you can use and even Luna, a servitor designed to help in banishing and cleaning the local. Strongly recommend.