Beginners questions

I’m having trouble deciding which of the programs available to me I should buy. I don’t have a lot of money to spend so I was wondering if I get the become a living god ebook will it just teach me how to get started with the 3 god like powers or will I be able to master them with just the ebook or do I need to also buy the mastering programs for them? Also do you have to master each power before you move to the next of is it that once you you become adept in one you can move on to the next? Some guidance would be of great help since I’m having a hard time deciding where to start.

Well, one question is to ask yourself is, how much knowledge of the occult do you have at this point in time, and what is your goal and/or reason behind the interest in this. Then it makes it a bit easier to figure out. You will not be able to master them all with the e-book, but it is a great starting point for those with little to no experience, and explains the system behind the 3 godlike powers. One important practice that anyone studying the occult needs to begin to work on in detail is meditation. There are different levels of consciousness one must be able to utilize, and not being able to do this will leave you quite frustrated as it is a crucial key to the puzzle.

Well some people on here are helping me understand what is real magick and what is fake Hollywood stuff. I’ve been interested in the occult for many years now but haven’t been able to learn much beside herbal remedies since I had no one that was able to teach me some I’m a complete novice basically I know very little that I’ve picked up from different sources.

Yea, get the ebook, like Sinata said. I’ve also given a fairly condensed run-down on how to get going with a magickal practice here: