I am intrested in necromancy. Anybody know of any good books or grimoures for me to look into?

Beginner in magic in general, or just in Necromancy?

necromancy. i have been doing magick for 5years or at least thats when i realised it was magick lol. i have always felt drawn to necromancy but never knew where to start

Ah ok! I have a few threads about Necromancy here in this section. My "100“ series details my old system, but my 201 and thread Chthonoi threads talk about the change in devotional practice that powers my Necromancy nowadays.
The Witches’ Book of the Dead by Christian Day is alright, but a bit iffy in certain places (like Ouija boards, ghost hunting, his enormous ego). I find his history section to be the best part, his ritual sections are good basis for further rituals in my own paradigm.
Daemonolatry Necromancy discusses Necromancy with demons.

But anyway, I highly recommend you make a relationship with higher entities who can help you summon the dead as well as shield you from them. If the dead get angry and you have noone to back you up, you’re in serious trouble. After you make that relationship, go down into the graveyard (paying the gatekeeper of course) and find yourself a good ally among the dead. When I go to do a working, I always call upon this ally by feeding him at his grave and allowing him to accompany me to the grave of the spirit I’m working to guard me and the working.
My actual Necromantic rituals are usually done in the cemetary. I often times combine practical sorcery utilizing the dirt of the grave with various materia. Ie, a spell meant to harm someone might involve putting the graveyard dirt in a jar, filling it with cursing ingredients, shaking it for seven days, then finally disposing of it at the spirit’s grave.
You should also research the defixiones or “curse tablets” of ancient Rome and Greece.

thanks. the info is useful and better than what i had found on my own.

No problem! Good luck.