Beginner Witch

What are some best books or websites to get on spells, chakras, crystals, and summoning?

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Its a lot of information on this site regarding this topic.

For chakras and crystal, Even spells and much more wich is easy to learn and easy to start is a Reiki course. No Black magick, but a Great place to start.
To start you need to transform yourself to be able to plug in and be part of and use magick. Its not a read one book and be proficient deal. It takes time and dedication to get there…
Why i think reiki is a pretty good start is because you get attuned by a master, you can quicly learn easy method to use energy field, you notice the energy fields, you can read others energy fields, aura, you learn chakras and much more. At level 2 you are enabled to reach anyone anywhere and use energy on them. (awesome for later) you can cross time barriers etc. As Master even more.
So if i started over i would start there.

Also a pretty nice intro in my opinion is practical magic, by Brandy Williams which is high witchcraft, or the good/right hand path if you like.
Why start there? Again a lot of practices to read energy, aura, spells, protection, cleansing, rituals, incense etc.
To start with more advanced magic you need to be attuned, you need to read and comprehend first. When youre there its much easier to grasp, use and make these things work the way you intend it to work and not end up with something you definately did not want.

After this you need to figure out a path you want to try, which one makes most sence to you. If your intentions is to only go right hand then wicca, but since youre here i guess not. Then a lot of people who is raised Christian find luciferian to make most meaning for them. If your culture is different, like mine raised with Norse gods that makes more meaning, maybe voodoo or what have we.
Anyway when your path is clear there are awesome books for your path on Just buy one to your path and start your pathwork.

Not sure what you want so that was just a basic get started idea that i would follow if i started today. Reiki course are cheap on get one with higest ranking including distance attunement and there you go.