Beginner trying to learn Angelic Evocation

Please is any experienced Angelic Evocator here who can help me with a working evocation methods, books and other processes involved? I’m trying to communicate through a scrying mirror or a black mirror inside a triangle. Anyone who is ready to help me should kindly let me know how I can private message him/her or other means of communication. I know you may all have busy schedules. Thanks

You can use e.a system for angels with incantations ypu can find in this forum however you need to raise your vibration high enough or buy damon brands book archangels of magick you can even combine the 2 with some experiance

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Pick up a copy of The Modern Angelic Grimoire by Rufus Opus. You can find it through Google.

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I’m going through now and it a great recommendation, thanks

Check out the Gallery of Magick books.

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Can i please know the author?

Damon Brand, Zanna Blaise, Gordon Winterfield, and Adam Blackthorne

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B[quote=“Happiechappie, post:7, topic:100758”]
Zanna Blaise, Gordon Winterfield, and Adam Blackthorne
Thanks a lot


Whilst also a manual, it is 90% on how to approach the situation. You are going about it wrong like a witch hiding in a forest.

You can call angels with a simple sincere CRY OUT. If it is worthy or something your senses can pick up it will. In my own personal experience it is either a feeling VERY close to you or a physical realm sign such as a number plate, or a feather left behind.

Right now I feel at least two behind me, on my shoulders and its a warm shield for me. Remeber, they ARE there… as soon as or even half way through calling they are elaready present, treat them as if youve called your spouse fromt he kitchen to the living room, then speak.

They already know your struggles, your two guardians filled them in

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Please buy it, don’t pirate it.