Beginner trying my first spell (love petition to Duke Sallos). Did i do it right?

I’m a total beginner to the world of magick, meaning that I first got in touch with it around 1 week ago.

I wanted to ask a petition to Duke Sallos as I’ve read great things about him. I did it yesterday but it looks like things aren’t working.

This summer I used to date an amazing girl. Everything was great, up until she meets someone else and dumps me (she has borderline personality disorder, and things like this occur quite often). We kept hearing each other as friends nonetheless. Exactly 1 month ago they break up, and now I’m in a sort of push/pull. We talk, even in an intimate/platonic way (not sexual though), then she disappears. Days later she’s back. I know for sure she isn’t seeing anyone else.

Anyway I can’t move from this limbo, and I’m stuck in this push/pull so I asked some help to Duke Sallos.

  • Friday Night I hand drew his sigil.
  • Then on another paper I wrote the petition, asking her to fall in love with me platonically, mentally and sexually, and make it last multiple years. I asked it to happen within 2 months, and once we became a couple I would have given offerings to Duke Sallos every Friday night for the next 2 months.
  • I lighted a red candle, and gazed at the sigil which I was keeping on my left hand, but I’m not sure anything happened
  • After a few minutes, mentally visualizing the scenes of me and her together, I burnt the petition and let it burn inside a metal box.
  • Now I’m keeping the ashes into the box, which is open and leaning on the sigil
  • Finally I thanked Duke Sallos and turned off the candle

I know I’ve put quite an extended time framework and only 2 days has passed, but 2 things happened:

After the spell, I went to sleep dreamt about another girl, the one I liked before her. It never ever happened once since I knew her that I dreamt some other girl: does this mean something?

And from today, she started ghosting me again. Also literally today she created a Tinder account (she was quite depressed after the breakup and didn’t want to see anyone). I don’t understand whether it’s a good sign (she is ready to date again) or a bad sign (but not me). Should I just have faith, and keep trying with her once in a while, without being too clingy? Or did i do something wrong in the spell?

P.s.: once the burning was over, I noticed that the petition paper was still completely intact but grey, so I touched it to see whether it actually burnt and yes, it’s just ashes shaped like paper.

Like, really dude?

Sounds like the Duke is presenting you with a better and/or healthier option

For this kind of thing to really work there needs to be at least a smidgen of mutual interest. Clearly, she’s doing her own thing and you’re not in the picture.

Not only that, but Sallos may have had you dream of a more viable target.

It sounds like you did everything right, but you’re missing the part where you’re supposed to forget about it.

The more you lust for results, the more you’re gonna sabotage the conclusion you’re looking for.

“Set it, and forget it”

Get lost in other pursuits and wait.

Frankly though, I think you would do better by pursuing the other chick you dreamt of.

Forget about it and live your life. Sallos will do it for you. No rush