Beginner Tips For This

Okay so I know this is a heavy duty working to undertake. Have read through the threads and despite all that is to go down, im still interested.

Now Im waiting on my copy to arrive whenever it does, but I have to ask; any tips for complete or non-developed senses when using this?

I also saw about making an altar and finding a tree struck by lightning. Now is there ways to at least improvise on the altar or things to do with limited privacy or space?

Also I see its about destruction and change; any examples of change in a person’s life through this working?


All of the foundations of practice section presents exercises which will empower you to develop your psychic faculties. The foundation of the foundation is the exercise called “Peering Into Drugaskan”. All other exercises in that section will create a dynamic of synergy which will enhance the effects of that ONE exercise. I just did a consultation regarding this…

Here is my advice. Begin with the Ignition of the Black Sun and Kunda Yoga. Devote yourself to those things three day a week. Then focus on one of the exercises within Foundations of Practice for a month two days a week. Take two days off and let results assimilate.

Through this process contemplate your personal application of the Three Evil Principles. (evil thought, evil word, and evil deed) This will help you to USE and WIELD the power you develop to make room for more. None of this even calls for the need of the Altar of Blackened Fire.

Their are indeed alternatives for creating small portable makeshift urn of power which can indeed be consecrated as nexions of infernal power for the most forbidden alchemical work in this text. They do have disadvantages though.

  1. It is hard to bury things like talismans and other objects you seek to empower with divine darkness. Most objects can still be buried if the size of the smaller pot or urn permit it. However things like handmade candles used within the Rites dealing with the Lamps of Fate are usually not able to be buried among other things.
  2. It is harder to keep the eternal blackened fire burning. You CAN use smaller chime candles and burn one a day. That takes commitment though as the activation process is a bit more complex. Devotion to that process though will make it just as effective as keeping an eternal flame burning. Imagination and the ability to adapt are important. Nothing is ever set in stone outside of the Alchemy. That you cannot fuck with without blow back. That is SCIENCE.

When you get the book and get to the point where you need to build an altar get a hold of me and I will help to the best of my ability.


Where can I find these exercises? In the book? YouTube? I’m sorry. I don’t know why, but I’m a little lost.

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When i use to go to the West terrace cemetery at night back before 2005 i use to go heaps of times from year 2002 to 2004 stay whole nights sleep on a grave, during the night in the cemetery use to around get stoned and drunk there are Greek marble graves look at the end there is a plastic panel doors inside there are candle burning some Greek graves can open door take out candle go over to another grave to practice a Ouija sometimes se back shadows the West terrace cemetery is really old farely large but not enormous don’t go there i checked the cemetery back in 2012 there are guard dogs patrol after dark can i purchase black pillar candles from Luciferian apotheca and go to a cemetery and berry it in a grave, or steel candles from a grave

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Yes the exercises are in the book of course.