Beginner Tarot


I have gotten my deck. And have decided to start off using a three card spread. I waited till my intent was strong enough. Thirteen popped in my head so I shuffled it thirteen times. Cut the deck into three piles and pulled one off each pile. Got the general Idea. Tho Still trying to feel what the cards mean to me.


Bless you, Boby, thats as good a way as any to start. I take it you’ve not yet read EA’s book - the one the Forum is named for? I recommend it. But in the meantime:

First, the less you read about them and the more you ponder them, the better off you’ll be. Start out with the booklet that came with the deck, so you’ll get a “square one” for each card, but DON’T overuse it! Look at your cards, study the nuances in the picture - what draws your eye in relation to your question? How do the 3 cards together make you feel? These impressions must be included in your interpretations. The more time you spend with them, enticing the meaning out of them, endlessly asking questions, the faster you will progress. Good luck! Z


Another point that I cannot stress enough is to trust your intuition. It’s something I tell many people that come to me for tips on tarot, because it truly seems to be the easiest thing to discard. As well as following Zoe’s advice. Hope you go far with the cards, they’re one of my favorite divination methods.


!!! Thank You, DakrVnet !!! for clarifying that MOST important point about intuition!!! Rereading My answer to Boby, I recognized just how little such phrases as “study the nuances” and “get a Feel” tell someone who is just starting out. Must remedy that :wink: Z


You are most welcome Z! I am many things to many people. An author, a diviner, a seer, a warrior. But at the base of who I am, I am a story teller. What more is a story teller than a teacher with a flair for words?


Ah, yes! I’m sure the Great Bards would agree with you … the core of their Craft was hiding “Truths” or Facts within beautiful stories, often set to music… where aew our modern-day bards, I wonder … :wink: Z