Beginner reconciliation spell [love/friendships]

Hi everyone,
I thought I would share an easy reconciliation spell for beginners. To be honest, I can’t remember where I read about it first but I used it several times during my teens, once for myself and several times for friends. It worked perfectly each and every time.

What’s needed:

  • A Green Apple :green_apple:

  • Skewers or similar and a knife :hocho:

  • Paper and pen :memo: :pen:

  • Full name and as much info as possible about the two persons you’re trying to reconciliate (optional: a photo of them together). :framed_picture:

So, after preparing yourself (meditation etc) and the tools you need, you first need to cut the apple in half (coronal cut). Then, you’re going to write on a piece of paper (small enough to fit inside of the Apple) the names and any info you have of the two persons (birth date etc). If you have a photo you can write on the back of it (remember, it has to be small enough to fit in the apple). Once this is done, lay the piece of paper on one half of the apple and cover it with the other half (to make the apple whole again). Then, you’re going to stab the apple with the skewers to form an X, preferably perpendicularly to the cut so that the apple holds together nicely.

And voila! An easy and effective reconciliation spell.


How quickly does this work? What do you do with the apple?

It’s usually less than a few days. I did it for a friend after her boyfriend broke up with her (twice lol) and both times he reached out the next day. They’re still together as of today (10 years and counting).


What to do with the apple after?

Oh yeah, you can bury it or just throw it away after a while. I’ve never had to wait too long for the spell to work so the apples never went bad. I guess if you reach that point you should throw it away and do it again or try something else.


Okay, sounds good. :slight_smile: Are there any steps leading up to the cutting? Any other preparations?

No just meditation and any preparation you would do before a spell if you’re used to do anything in particular.

The very first time I did this one I just went to buy the apple and cut it as soon as I was back home.

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Such a simple thing - thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Did it today :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when it works

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Anything on the spell ? :slight_smile:

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Nope. Kept it until it was brown, and… Nothing.

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Ok was about to consider this for tonight :smiley:

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You should do it. It doesn’t mean it won’t work just because it didn’t for me, everyone has a different situation

Yep thats one thing I’ve learned. Also feel like I’ve been doing a lot spellwork lately so maybe just to regain my energy.

That sucks, who was involved? It’s a true beginner spell and as such it doesn’t necessarily suit big drama. Also, at least one of the persons involved needs to want to reconcile.

only a green apple?

Would you mind uploading a picture of what the apple looks like when the X is form? I didn’t understood that part

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Does this work for friendships or just romantic relationships