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Forgot to ask this, but, if a demon doesn’t like you for some reason (or simply doesn’t want to work with you), is there a way to change their minds and see you in a favorable light?


Ok. Here’s my story. I’m a guy in my early 40s, good family, no real problems there.

I was having some problems with my job, and I stumbled onto New Avatar Power. I have always been interested in the occult, and was intrigued by a system with no tools. Long story short, I did the evocation to Elubatel for success, and she took me in quite a ride. (I don’t know why, but Elubatel seems female to me). My job fell to pieces, but I got a new better one. So success!

Here’s the thing though, even when dealing with Elubatel, I never really felt anything during the ritual. I did the relaxation and the invocation and that’s it. I didn’t experience anything mystical, but I know it worked.

I’ve had limited success with Nitika and haven’t attempted the magic mentor or attack rituals.

I’ve done a few sigils, but never with any great success. So my question here is where do I go? I want to experience something deep. I want to know power. I’m just overwhelmed


If I make a voodoo doll, is there something else I need to make it work


Yes. You have to ritually consecrate it as an effigy of your target. Otherwise, it is just a funny looking doll.