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Thank @Lady_Eva for this elaborate explanation, I am new on the site and also new to magic … where do I start from? Currently what I seek is financial stability, I lost a huge chunk of money this year and honestly I feel there is something working against me, you know that feeling when you almost get a big deal then something just happens out of nowhere and the whole deal falls apart? That’s what I have been experiencing lately …really need to learn or break that spell of bad luck on me to ease life and also how to attract wealth … Need to see reward for my work.

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It’s good to identify the area of life you would most like to see changed, because (IMO) magick is about getting results as well as spiritual information, wisdom, ascent etc. :thinking:

Take a look through some of these:

I also have a strong intuition that the Necronomicon Spell Book would help you, it has various simple incantations in to summon Names of Marduk, they are very easy to do. We don’t trade PDFs on here, you can find it very reasonably priced at Amazon, second-hand and new. :+1:


Wow you replied almost immediately… thanks a lot, If you have other spells or procedure to invoke a demon or make a path with him or her… I will be glad I have also saw some post about clauneck and duchess Bune, can you shed more light on that pls?


I haven’t worked with those spirits for that purpose, try running a search on the forum though, and good luck. :+1:


Thank you for this topic @Lady_Eva! I am new to the forum and also very new to magic. The current focus I have in my life right now is getting my ex fiancé to return to me (I know I know, I’m that guy! But whatever gets us to start right?!) and a secondary are I would like to address is my financial situation. Again, I am brand new to all of this and any and all help is welcome! Thank you all so much and I look forward to learning from you

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We have another topic for getting love to return:

Take a look, and try some of the things there, post a new topic to ask if you need help or support with anything once you have begun the working. :+1:

Same link as above suggested for money, that is a forum grimoire with methods shared: Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results.

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Thank you so much @Lady_Eva!


Ok once again… if you have the time could you tell me what spirit you’ve worked with for financial purposes

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I mainly use Law of Attraction and have spirit mentors I work with on a range of things, BUT I am NOT an adept at fast-money magicks, because of a ton of programming that’s kind of bedded in (and to be fair I try not to NEED that kind of thing :crossed_fingers: ), I am better at slow investments and work like that. My old man is a chaos mage and uses his own methods as well, so the responsibility is not solely my own. :smiley:

So I am truly not your go-to person for this area, and knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses is important, do not take advice from anyone who cannot themselves easily accomplish what they teach. If you need core shamanic tutorial or time management or a range of other magickal stuff, that’s my bag - not this. And I have tutorials already on the forum for other magickal things.

That said, I shared information about a spirit (actually, a full-on no-holds-barred Goddess) in the link I posted above. And that link has methods, spirits outlined, and these are things that actually worked for real people, from all kinds of different backgrounds etc. :+1:

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Btw I changed the title slightly, this isn’t a “Lady_Eva Q&A” so much as hoping other experienced members will share their useful answers as well, I don’t always have time and I certainly don’t claim personal proficiency in all areas of magick equally. :smiley:

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Ok thanks a lot for recommending the Necronomicon spellbook for me, I just finished studying it for the 2nd time it’s about 32pages but very informative, currently making preparations to perform some spells but there are some terms used that I don’t really understand, among the steps giving caring out the spell it state “make a copy of the seal on a clean paper” just to be sure it means making a drawing of the diagram or sigil (associated to the spell) on a paper right?

Hey, @Kings14. Please take a moment to post an introduction (as a separate topic please, not in this thread) and tell us a bit about yourself and your magical experience. It is a rule on this forum.

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Yes, draw it on a new clean piece of paper that has not been used for anything else, so not in your magickal journal or on a piece of paper that you happen to have used for anything else first.

A new, fresh, clean piece of paper JUST for that Name. :+1:

This is the same as the requirement to use new candles and then ONLY use them for work with the Nec Spellbook’s Names.


Ok I will do that… thanks

Ok thank I got that

I’m worried that I might have offended, or even agered, King Paimon and Prince Lucifer. Since I want a connection and good working relationship with these demons, I want to know how to make amends. I didn’t do anything major. I always address them by their title (King and Prince/Crown Prince), I speak and address them respectfully (often saying/thinking “I respectfully ask that you hear my petition, see fit to work with me, aid me in acheiving my desires and helping me with my psychic and magickal abilities so that we may have open lines of communication”, etc…) After talking/praying to them, I normally say thank you for coming (even tho I normally feel/sense nothing), thank you for hearing me, I desire a connection and relationship with you, and so on. What causes me to think I have offended them is that, due to interference from cats, my family member I live with (who is totally not a fan of my magickal seeking, choosing the LHP, etc…), and random thoughts which are disrespectful in some way (such as “fuck, this is taking a long time”, etc…, things I know are disrespectful), and not giving them my undivided attention due to distractions, things like that.

I just finished a prayer, kinda just properly addressing them and basically saying “If I’ve done something to offend or anger either or both of you then I’m truly sorry and I respectfully ask for your forgiveness. I really want a connection and relationship with you, I want/need your aid and assistance, I invite you into my mind, dreams, heart, body, soul, and life, so I apologize and, if you tell me, I will do what it takes/what you ask or tell me, to make amends and I’m truly sorry”

Is that enough? I read on here that sometimes a demon just doesn’t like you for some reason, and I hope that’s not the case. Any advice on being able to tell if I offended them (and, if so, if they accepted my apologies), seeing if they simply don’t like me or want to work with me? All replies welcome and appreciated. Also, how do you start a new topic or thread? It seems I used to see a button for it but even the search function seems to not find reults on my query, which I worded several different ways with the same “no matches found” type message

Forgot to ask this, but, if a demon doesn’t like you for some reason (or simply doesn’t want to work with you), is there a way to change their minds and see you in a favorable light?

Ok. Here’s my story. I’m a guy in my early 40s, good family, no real problems there.

I was having some problems with my job, and I stumbled onto New Avatar Power. I have always been interested in the occult, and was intrigued by a system with no tools. Long story short, I did the evocation to Elubatel for success, and she took me in quite a ride. (I don’t know why, but Elubatel seems female to me). My job fell to pieces, but I got a new better one. So success!

Here’s the thing though, even when dealing with Elubatel, I never really felt anything during the ritual. I did the relaxation and the invocation and that’s it. I didn’t experience anything mystical, but I know it worked.

I’ve had limited success with Nitika and haven’t attempted the magic mentor or attack rituals.

I’ve done a few sigils, but never with any great success. So my question here is where do I go? I want to experience something deep. I want to know power. I’m just overwhelmed


If I make a voodoo doll, is there something else I need to make it work

Yes. You have to ritually consecrate it as an effigy of your target. Otherwise, it is just a funny looking doll.