Beginner Pyrokinesis

I had the idea to put this out a while ago but I was being lazy and didn’t want to find where it was but thanks to @JezebelleMoon and the spirit (probably) guiding them and wanting it out here here you guys go

Here’s a trick a friend taught me I’d call it basic pyrokineses

Alright so step one
Get yourself in a calm state whatever you have to do meditation, massage whatever

Step two look at your first finger and will your energy into it

Step three repeat to your self my finger is getting warm everytime you start to notice your finger feeling different use a different more powerful adjective "my finger is on fire, my finger is hot ect ect

Step four keep repeating until your results manifest this technique is pretty easy to learn and if you do it right you should start to see your skin on your finger peel as if you held it over a fire


I’m glad you had an epiphany but how did I help :joy:

By the way I’m a lady. :tipping_hand_woman: . Since you weren’t sure.


I actually thought about it then you liked it and it notified me of where it was lol

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Ha ha ha! Ok cool. :+1:


Glad I re-read that my thought process was horrible at the time

I’m gona try this


For quick advice do a before and after picture

Just did it again didn’t get my old results of skin peeling but you can tell my finger started to sweat

Hmm. Search pyrokineses on YouTube there are a few really good channels

Well once you get your skin peeling try projecting it into a piece of tissue paper.


honestly i didnt know this was a thing, i will absolutely have to look into this

I just tried it. I have to say my finger feels like its burning. No peeling or fire yet though. I definitely will try this again.