Beginner - How do I evoke Sallos?

Hello and thanks for reading me. I used the search engine on how to evoke Sallos especially in the Love section but mostly I’ve found feedbacks or thankful messages for Duke Sallos. Sallos seems to be the spirit that fits my goal best after I’ve done my research. BUT I HAVE FOUND NO SPECIFIC THREAD THAT GOES IN DETAIL ON HOW EXACTLY THEY EVOKED HIM. And I’d really like some help with that.

I have no tools but his sigil (on my phone) - I can’t even draw it or print it, unfortunately. And white candles. That’s pretty much all I have. I tried evoking him earlier on but I really felt nothing and conclude that it was a failed experience. I followed this method: How To Start Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want - Become A Living God substituting the drawing with the sigil on my phone.

I am not sure. Should I light a candle? Should I write something on paper? Can some please guide me. Thank you a lot

Try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right. Just click on it, type in “evocation guide” and click on the third option that comes up.


Thank you! Will start reading this

There is an advice about stating your request anyway… Even in case an entity didn’t “come”, it may hear you :slight_smile:
Edit: although, with the sigil spell you in fact stated the request, oh well XD

Bad thing? Start again? I was planning to re-do it tomorrow.

Wdym by sigil spell. I actually didn’t chant the enn that’s in the steps. I simply called his name and not even by the correct pronunciation. Well I hope he doesn’t dislike me for it.

Sallos is also named Saleos, maybe you got close to that other pronunciation… ? In any case you may either assume it already worked, or write questions (from 1 up to 5) that you have to ask. Open the sigil repeating the first 3 steps of the article and, each time, read a question then write everything flowing in your head, without thinking about it.

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Grab sigil
Chant enn
Summon the creature.
If you can see it great, if not speak and listen and if they’re there.
(like a kid talking their imaginary friend, or a employee talking to their employee)

Give them a task, or ask.

I suggest a notebook to record the experience and answers (symbols, breezes, full blown visionary etc).


Thank you, what does banish consist of?

:point_up:search function may know