Beginner help for work with goetic entities

Background about me, I have always been interested in the mysteries of the universe and yearned for answers. After about a year or two of practicing Christian beliefs and praying, I’ve come to the point where I believe the help and answers I seek will never come to me. Therefore, I have been looking into alternatives and found SO many branches of religion, beliefs, and practices. I’m currently interested in Goetic entities and Solomonic work (I apologize if i’m using the wrong terms or context) so I would love if some Adepts or more experienced practitioners could give me help in where i should begin and if the ways of how to work with entities are to be done exactly as in the Goetic texts (i.e. Lesser Keys or Demonolatry by S.Connolly)

Some people went “by the book” reporting they witnessed the spirits from Heptameron appearing out of thin air, or covered themselves in blood and saw Lucifuge. According to others, the classical grimoires are incomplete, for example they miss a part about energy manipulation.
In any case, as a starting point here’s a modern look to it:


thank you so much for the quick reply! going to check this out as soon as i get home

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