Before the beginning

I was shown a vision to refreshing my memory before creation, i remember what it was, i remember assending with Lucifer, with others from Hell something was going to happen, i remember seeing genetics, creation of human vessels, and how the presentation of human vessels presentation the vessels souls will be possessing but at the time, no soul even knew which vessel they have to be occupied, but the vessel on the catwalk is only the good looking ones, creator only want every soul to only know, so souls had to bowel down to.

Okay souls bowel down, so Lucifer found out what was hidden, Lucifer found out there was a hole lot of hidden genetics that went wrong deformed human vessel that the creator is going to use to put souls into and keep it secret, so that is why Lucifer didn’t bowel down to Gods humans and left Heaven to return back to Hell and others excaped, so those souls didn’t end up in a retard deformed vessels because a deformed vessel will scare the soul, also i remember how Heavenly Angles were forcing souls to enter a vessel, i also recall souls were assined to vessels some went willingly to enter there human vessel allot didn’t.

Some souls in there vessels was asking another soul in another vessel to kill them, because that soul was forced to enter a vessel and didn’t want it asking to die, so murder was being organized before creation, that is what i remember.