Bees? Dead Bees? Any significance or any ideas?meanings?

So today I found 2 dead bees downstairs in the laundry room. No idea how they got there or where they came from. So it got me wondering…

Do bees or especially dead bees have any occult meanings or significances or are they associated with certain spirits or entities (other then the obvious melissa link). Are there any legends or omens about finding a dead bee (in this case 2) indoors?

Neither m not I have any clue how they got there let alone why they’re there dead like that. (We’d have seen them if they’d been whizzing around the house looking for a way out so they’re a real mystery).

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One explanation from this website:

### What Does a Dead Bee in the Home Represent?

A dead bee in the home is a sign that you are in a period of isolation, and you would prefer to be alone right now. You might feel as if you no longer belong to a group you were once connected to. It also might represent an issue that may arise to the surface with a close relationship.

In spiritual language, animals that are dead represent change and transition. A dead bee in your house may show up as a sign of change in your relationships, or in the domestic realm of your house.



There was (and still are) 2 dead bees on my pot cactus by my window opposite each other. And since i put that cactus as a protection does it mean someone was interfering or would it mean that they are also there for protection? And can i use them as ingredients for a banishing/hex spell