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Hello everyone, I’m a perpetual lurker who was prompted today by a certain entity to make an account and share my work. In a way I’ve practiced my entire life, my earliest memory is of throwing a temper tantrum as a toddler over a puzzle piece not fitting where I remembered it fitting, throwing it into the empty hallway thinking angrily how I never wanted to see it again, only to never find that puzzle piece. Which sucked for toddler me since that had been one of my favorite toys (I also got in huge trouble for that tantrum but that’s another story). I come from an Irish background and was raised in an interesting blend of Druidic/Irish Pagan practices and Catholicism. For example, we had a garden dedicated to the good neighbors where offerings would be left… alongside a statue of Mary. Growing up I’d never felt really comfortable with the Catholic side of things which led me to start dropping it in high school and move more towards Paganism, eventually dropping it entirely when I started college.

I’m 28 and live in northeast United States. While I was technically practicing from an early age as I said, my official practicing started when I turned 18 due to a request from my mother to hold off on most practices till I was officially an adult. Even then I slowly worked my way into things, for example starting oracle cards at 19 then finally moving to tarot at 26. I enjoy giving readings and have created custom spreads in the past as well. I also have been reading palms since I was a teen, and first started energy work/shielding in childhood. As a child I had what my family referred to as “the Sight”, so was taught early on how to shield myself. Unfortunately as a child I also saw some things which terrified me and led me to losing my Sight till I started to work through those fears later on. I have not yet fully gotten it back, however I do still see sometimes and it is slowly happening more frequently. Much of my work the past few years has been focused on overcoming remaining fears/phobias along with moving past leftovers of being raised Catholic. I currently work as a teacher, and am currently mentoring a few people (who are not on this forum as far as I’m aware, though I have linked people to guides here in the past so maybe they are).

I’ve had a lot of experiences throughout my life that I was always cautious about sharing with others due to not wanting to be labeled as crazy. I’m also this weird mixture of logical/creative, so given my strong imagination I tend to constantly search for proof to make sure I’m not just getting carried away imagining things. An example is I’ve been through a few experiences that should have killed me where I’ve somehow walked away unscathed which have pretty much blown away any doubts I otherwise would have had. These range from getting up uninjured from a bad fall to nearly drowning before I started breathing underwater (though I still can’t explain that one) to nearly getting hit by a car only for it to last second move in an entirely different direction away from me. That last one being a bit of a funny story given I had been
talking to Azazel at the time and while that was going on he didn’t even bat an eye, just kept talking while I sat there in shock at what had almost just happened before he finally stopped and went “I’m having a conversation with you I don’t want interrupted.”

I personally tend to blend science into my work. Rather than looking at science and magic as mutually exclusive, I see them as being complementary to each other. For example, let’s say you have a bad bruise that makes sitting uncomfortable, so you want to heal it faster so it stops bothering you. Using biology you can understand how the individual cells go about repairing themselves, and this lets you direct the energy for healing to the specific parts that need it most and speed up the healing process. The body is constantly repairing and replacing itself, but you can redirect/add extra energy to the specific area. For me personally this gets faster results since the energy is directed to the exact location it’s needed rather than dispersed around the injury in general. Of course I would not recommend doing this over seeing a doctor, however I have used this to speed up the healing of minor injuries that don’t require visiting a hospital.

I’m personally not very big on ritual/ceremony, when working with spirits/demons/gods/beings/whatever you feel like calling them I prefer to build a relationship first instead of simply calling on someone I’ve never spoken to before to ask for help with something. So I do not have any rituals per say to share, since I tend to be more along the lines of “Hey, when you have a moment I’d like to discuss this idea I had about twisting how light interacts with my face to smooth my skin so I don’t need to learn how to do make up with you. But you know, if you’re busy carry on, it’s not urgent or anything.” And since most of my workings in recent years have been working on myself personally most of my interactions have honestly been closer to what I jokingly called “demon therapy sessions” than workings to say, I dunno bring me wealth or a lover or something I’m not exactly sure how helpful they would be to other people, but I can post about who has helped me work on what issues, and how I’ve gone about it.

While I do a lot of studying of work other people have done, pretty much anything I’ve pulled from other posted work I’ve then adapted to work for me. I’m not exactly sure how much I have to contribute to be honest, but I do love discussing theories and blending different styles together into one. So if anyone feels like discussing that sort of thing with me I’m always up for it! I don’t mind doing tarot readings either, and while I’m a bit rusty I can do palm readings as well. I’m also up for sharing stories of my personal experiences if people are interested, but I’ve only started to share these more recently so please bear with me. :slightly_smiling_face:


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